ESET Receives Its 75th "VB100"Award

Sep 28, 2012 (03:09 PM EDT)

NOD32 Has More "VB100" Awards than Any Other Antivirus Product

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ESET, the leader in proactive protection celebrating 25 years of its technology this year, has achieved yet another milestone with its 75th VB100 award from Virus Bulletin - a renowned independent security software testing organization. This makes ESET's NOD32 Antivirus the recipient of more VB100 awards than any other AV product on the market.


ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5 was tested in the Windows 7 environment, achieving impressive results in all categories. "Still maintaining an epic run of success in VB100 testing, ESET's current product line has grown pretty familiar over the last few years and rarely gives us much trouble," states Virus Bulletin in its latest report. The VB Award is highly esteemed in the antivirus industry due to its rigorous testing methods, because there is no entry fee and repeat testing is not allowed.

"Our 75th VB100 is a true milestone for ESET and comes 14 years after we won our first award with NOD32 1.00. It was a great start for the NOD32 product. Once again, in 2012, this award is a testament of the stability and reliability of our technology and teamwork," says ESET CEO Richard Marko.

"Even though these awards have become expected of ESET, it increasingly requires more effort and flawless job performance as the pressure mounts," adds ESET Chief Research Officer Juraj Malcho.

Additionally, ESET is partnering up with Virus Bulletin for the annual VB Conference, which is held in high regard by the AV community. The 2012 event kicked-off on Wednesday in Dallas, Texas. 

ESET researchers are presenting the following papers:

  • Defeating anti-forensics in contemporary complex threatsAleksandr Matrosov, ESET Senior Malware Researcher and Eugene Rodionov, ESET Malware Researcher, discusses the steps that should be taken to defeat self-defense mechanisms, locate hidden storage on the hard drive and read plain data.
  • BYOD:(B)rought (Y)our (O)wn (D)estruction? - Righard Zwienenberg, ESET Senior Research Fellow, outlines a list of pros and cons of the BYOD trend that employers and institutions should consider, including those for Internet-aware devices not thought of as dangerous or even potentially dangerous.
  • Dorkbot: hunting zombies in Latin America - Pablo Ramos, ESET Latin America Awareness & Research Specialist, talks about the most impactful malware of 2011 in Latin America, commenting on the ways Win32/Dorkbot's activity in Latin America differs from the rest of the world, including trends that involve Internet usage, social media and user education.
  • Malware and Mrs Malaprop: what do consumers really know about AV? (sponsor presentation) - Stephen Cobb, ESET North America Security Evangelist, reveals the results of his vendor-neutral survey of computer using consumers who were asked a series of questions about malware in order to better understand what people actually grasp about threats.
  • Gataka: a banking trojan ready to take off? - Jean-Ian Boutin, ESET Canada Malware Researcher, presents the discovery of this banking trojan along with its internal design and similarities with another well-known banking trojan: Win32/SpyEye. Among other things, both share the same webinject configuration file syntax.
  • ACAD/Medre: industrial espionage in Latin America? - Robert Lipovsky, ESET Security Intelligence Team Leader and  Sebastian Bortnik, ESET Latin America Education & Research Manager, showcase the investigation of a series of events of the impactful ACAD/Medre, a signature created for a piece of malware related to the popular design software.  The case study takes us from the beginning of the research to its end: its discovery, why it was noticed, how it was analyzed, the key features of the code and the overall attack design.
  • My PC has 32,539 errors: how telephone support scams really work - David Harley, ESET Senior Research Fellow along with Martijn Grooten (Virus Bulletin), Steven Burn (Malwarebytes), Craig Johnston (Independent researcher), highlight the evaluation and impact of lo-tech Windows support scams (such as cold-calling support scams) that receive far less attention from the security industry, however they have been a consistent source of fraudulent income for some time, and have quietly increased in sophistication.
  • Cyberwar: reality, or a weapon of mass distraction? - Andrew Lee, ESET North America CEO, takes a no-holds-barred, highly opinionated and doubtlessly controversial look at the modern malware industrial complex to examine a range of important questions asked in his study.

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