TechWeb To Make Social Media More Colorful & Thought-Provoking, Moving Well Beyond Political Correctness

Aug 14, 2012 (07:08 PM EDT)

Upstart Startup To Tap Countless Opinions On Everything From Gay Marriage, Politics and Religion To The Right To Die, The Latest Reality Show Battle & Legalizing Marijuana

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- (, celebrating the freedom of speech in all of its glory, launched today as the ultimate online destination for people to give their opinion about anything and everything. Starting in the U.S., the new site plans to become a global reference for the pulse of the people, no matter what the subject.

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Since the rapid growth of Facebook, many sites have entered the social online space offering different propositions on how to connect with friends and the wider world from photos and videos to tweets and numerous posts about what people are doing or seeing.

Thinkpinion aims to go beyond everything out there now, by providing an often-lively digital forum where people can share what they are thinking and feeling openly – about absolutely anything, whether the topic is politics, environmental issues, health management, animal welfare, people's rights, businesses, brands, advertising, the latest celebrity gaffe, reactions to a rowdy reality show, or issues closer to home.To post something, people just need to sign up with through a brief, free registration process.

"Literally anything that is on someone's mind can be shared on Thinkpinion," said CEO and Co-Founder Petrina Walker. "We expect people to write a lot about campaigns and candidates leading up to the Presidential election in November, while others might comment about movies, their sex lives, their workplaces and maybe even how to save the world. Some might even go so far as revealing information about an alien abduction, while others could talk about great deals they just found online, why they don't believe in God anymore or what celebrity they would like to date."

Other people can then read these opinions and comment as appropriate, after registering. Search and follow systems allow users to find topics and people of interest quickly, while integration with Facebook, Twitter, and other key social network services encourage even broader sharing.  People can register as themselves and become famous for their opinions. However, those who prefer to say what they want without attribution (or potential retribution) can create a new, let-it-all-hang-out identity.

To encourage further participation, the creators have included a gamification system that rewards members with tXP points (experience points) that over time earn them a collection of tPins (awards) that they can award to other thinkpinions or articles. The more points they have, the higher the level they get to and that unlocks more awards.

"We have included a fun, digital reward system on the site so visitors can easily give feedback and the most popular thinkpinions and authors will rise to the top," added Co-Founder and COO Scott Walker. "Participating members will get recognition and status from continued activity, as well awards such as tPins, a 'thumbs up' and comments, received from site visitors and members. There are over 120 tPins to collect and it will be prestigious to have them all." is privately funded by the Walkers, senior executives with marketing and product development backgrounds, who worked for major companies such as Disney, EA, Hasbro and Activision. Brooklyn Inc, a Los Angeles-based developer, helped to bring their vision to life.

With enough people participating, the site has the potential to have an influence on numerous issues as leaders, companies, communities and individuals refer to the views that people have expressed for guidance.  In some cases, will flag appropriate influential parties about particularly passionate issues in the hopes of spurring positive changes.

To voice opinions, people should go to, register and let everyone know what they're thinking now, next week and as often as they'd like.