CTS assesses security vulnerabilities at Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic after fatal shootings

Jul 27, 2012 (03:07 PM EDT)

Aiming to Improve and Protect Security Profiles

PITTSBURGH, July 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Employees at the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic are disheartened with the facility's security measures after John Shick gunned down six employees, killing one of them. "I don't feel any safer today than I did 20 years ago," one nurse said. Feeling discouraged, some employees deem it necessary to take action and change procedures that are placing them at threat. District Attorney Steve Zappala declares that a number of security changes have been made at Western Psych since the shooting. Mr. Zappala made the announcement during a presentation on how the facility could be made more secure.

Meanwhile, Condortech Services Inc. (CTS) was announced by the District Attorney to evaluate the facility for the need to strengthen perimeter and interior security. Headquartered in Springfield, VA, CTS is one of the nation's leading security integrators specializing in high end computer based systems that stands itself as the "best ally against crime," said Jorge G. Lozano, CEO of Condortech Services Inc.

In congruent with Mr. Zappala's statement, "CTS is deeply committed to design/build technological tools; to protect the employees of Western Psychiatric Institute."

Jorge G. Lozano continued: "Condortech's most current efforts of protecting the facility's employees are being implemented here locally in Pittsburgh at the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs Healthcare Facility. In order to keep their employees secure, CTS provided the security infrastructure at this facility, which included Surveillance, Intrusion Detection, and Access Control in compliance with the President's Homeland Security Presidential Directive, commonly known as HSPD-12."

HSPD-12 calls for a mandatory, government-wide standard for secure and reliable forms of ID. Condortech Services Inc. has successfully issued and maintained the HSPD-12 infrastructure to all of the Veteran Affairs' employees for access to the federally-controlled facility.

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