Candidate Missing

Jul 14, 2012 (07:07 AM EDT)

BOCA RATON, Fla., July 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- One is forced to wonder if any foul play was involved, because the candidate(s) failed to appear for a scheduled forum.  According to the Mojave Valley Daily News several candidates are missing.  Those missing include a candidate for U.S. Congress, State Senate and County Commissioner.  Is there a remote possibility that the missing candidates could be tied to the events reported in the Argus Leader where it was stated that  28 candidates in competitive primaries had not filed campaign finance reports?  The Argus Article was headlined, "Political Smokeout," and may have contained disclosures too hot for some candidates and their backers to handle.

In the meantime a council member reported that a "substantial sum of money" is missing and had been stolen from his campaign account, and that he was "working with investigators to determine the amount," according to the Washington Post.  However, NTV News, and affiliate of the ABC Network, reported that both the Republican and Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate were "missing" after the primary election. Yes, and even Congressman Jessie Jackson, Jr. is missing and being tracked down.

Disappearing or missing candidates seem to be a problem in our society.  To avoid that problem, candidates just need to turn to  This is the only known national candidate registry where candidates and their views can be found all of the time.  It is simple, non-partisan and inexpensive to register.  In fact, the names of many candidates from around the country have already been listed and are just waiting for the "full story" build out by the candidates or their supporters.  One registration covers the candidate for the full election cycle, and if successfully elected the "candidate" can re-register at the same low fee to carry the registration to the next election cycle.  Candidates for President and dog catcher pay the same $60.00 fee. registration includes the opportunity to incorporate videos, photos, blogs, policies and endorsements.  It is really user friendly.

On the other hand, how many members of Congress do Americans want to really disappear?  current survey not only asks the public if they want to keep their member of congress, but it also asks the members' party affiliation. The survey will run throughout July, and  results will be released at the end of the survey period.


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