Summer Heat Means More Crime Concerns and More Work for Security Firms

Jul 13, 2012 (03:07 PM EDT)

Spear Security Inc. is seeing an increase in customer inquiries as crime concerns spike along with temperatures.

DENVER, July 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- It's a truism of law enforcement that summertime inevitably correlates with an increase in property crimes and violence. Certainly, Spear Security, Inc. is seeing an increase in calls from interested businesspeople in a number of fields. Long respected as one of the first places to turn if a firm or individual needed a security guard in Denver, Spear Security Inc. has now also become a major force throughout the state of California through its Hollywood office.

Indeed, the spike in interest in hiring private security contractors during the hot summer months is predictable. Combine the greater number of young people out of school, the heat, an increase in the number of people vacating their homes for summer vacations, not to mention a general sense of irritability caused by the increase in temperature, and many would argue that you have the perfect recipe for a crime wave as well heat wave. Spear Security has been in business for over 18 years and its staffers have experienced countless challenges in all kinds of weather. As pointed out by pleased clients, nothing about the summer increase in mostly low level incidents ever seems to faze the company's highly experienced staff.

Long one of the most respected names in private security in Denver and now in California as well, Spear Security Inc. has 18 years of in-depth experience providing security guard service in industrial and retail settings, as well as in schools, hospitals, and various commercial and residential settings. The firm is also highly experienced in providing courtesy patrol in Denver, primarily comprised of highly skilled unarmed guards.  These guards perform a dual function, improving relations with residents and customers by performing a number of services; they are also a highly effective deterrent to serious crime. Speer Security Inc. is often complimented by clients and members of the public for the help they provide. "They really take the 'courtesy' in 'courtesy patrol,' seriously," said one happy resident of a gated community serviced by Spear Security Inc.

The fact of the matter is that it is the very rare would-be burglar or vandal who does not flinch at the sight of an area well covered by skilled private security. Spear Security Inc. prides itself on providing a very high profile security patrol service that is not afraid to make its presence known. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There is nothing like a very highly visible security patrol service to discourage wrongdoers, even when the summer heat makes nighttime crime more inviting than ever.

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