Los Angeles Limo Service Motors into the WiFi Dimension

Jul 06, 2012 (01:07 PM EDT)

KLS Transportation Services is now providing WiFi on all of its limousines and luxury sedans, allowing customers to stay plugged in as they work and play

LOS ANGELES, July 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In the age of smart phones, iPads, and innumerable other web-based devices, today's high-end consumer demands access to the latest communication features whenever and wherever possible. KLS Transportations Services is therefore pleased to be offering WiFi access on all of its limousines and luxury sedans. Now, anyone can take advantage of the outstanding Los Angeles limousine service offered by KLS to keep up with their e-mail and instant messaging, do research, enjoy online music services, participate in social media, or even relax playing their favorite online games while enjoying the comfort and luxury of the ultimate in high-end transportation.

Once upon a time, a limousine that came equipped with a primitive built-in car phone was the height of luxury and available only to the extremely well-off. Today, of course, we take mobile communications for granted and KLS understands that today's customer often cannot afford to be kept off the Internet for any length of time. Business travelers in particular need online access to keep up with work-related communications with colleagues and clients. At the same time, those engaged in recreational activities need the 'net to maximize their fun with all kinds of online entertainment and social media. That's why KLS is pleased to be providing WiFi service as an automatic feature on its fleet of limos and luxury vehicles. (The service is available on KLS minicoaches, vans, and party buses on request.)

The addition of free WiFi on its vehicles is simply the latest step in KLS's ongoing commitment to providing the very best in quality. A limo service in Los Angeles needs to be on top of what today's customers need and demand. Internet access has become so essential in so many ways to the conduct of both business and entertainment that providing WiFi access to customers is sure to be a major plus.

Of course, WiFi is only the latest in a long line of conveniences provided by KLS, which is dedicated to providing luxury quality at competitive prices. With high-end entertainment systems and fully-stocked bars available in limousines that can carry six, eight,  or ten or more passengers, the company is able to provide an experience that's suitable for any event, be it a business conference, bachelor party, or wedding. Indeed, now that such social media as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become so ubiquitous that real-time updates from events have become standard, a luxury vehicle is a perfect place to jump online to tell the world about your presence at an important event.

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