RTT DeltaGen 11: Leading 3D visualization software combines top performance with highest visual quality

Jun 13, 2012 (05:06 PM EDT)

ROYAL OAK, Mich., June 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- RTT announced today the release of updated software for its core product, RTT DeltaGen®, the companies' leading 3D visualization solution. It enables users in professional, high-end visualization to enhance workflows by becoming more efficient across the entire product lifecycle – from design and development, to marketing and sales – all while significantly reducing time-to-market. 

At the same time, RTT is also launching a new service for its customers: RTT Viz Experience. This resource will give DeltaGen users an attractive platform from which to download 3D content for use in digital scenes.

During the development of the latest software generation, RTT focused on significant performance improvement while maximizing visual quality. With this new addition, RTT again redefines the standard for visualization. Users' increased demands have been addressed, like the need for a higher utilization ratio of available computing power. RTT DeltaGen® allows computing clusters to run faster and scale calculations more effectively. Additionally, the enhanced NURBS-on-demand technology ensures extremely flexible data handling, while an adaptive user interface allows for easier navigation. HMI (Human Machine Interface) verification through interactive textures enables easy integration of third-party applications (e.g. navigation system) and the new lens-flare-effects create atmospheric highlights.

"Using digital design data consistently across departments in the form of 3D realtime models has become common practice in many technology-driven industries," said Peter Stevenson, CEO of RTT USA, Inc. "Major automotive and aviation manufacturers have now established their own visualization departments that rely on RTT software and solutions.  We are starting to see the technology move into other industries, such as fashion and luxury for product design, selection and ordering in retail stores."

DeltaGen 11 is a catalyst for the professionalization of current visualization processes in companies' striving to generate synergies across divisions.

Looking ahead, RTT Viz Experience will act as an exclusive content portal. A pool of high-quality assets will be provided to clients. These assets will include  surroundings, 3D models and materials. These can then be used within the RTT Visualization Platform to bring 3D scenes to life.

Key features of DeltaGen 11 at a glance:

  • Task-oriented user interface makes the work process more intuitive
  • Simulation of interactive textures – even by remote access
  • Realistic lighting highlights through utilization of lens-flare-effects
  • High-quality global illumination (GI) that is even faster
  • More efficient scaling with expanded multicast
  • Load balancing for optimized load distribution
  • Flexible hybrid rendering for efficient use of hardware capacity
  • NURBS-on-demand: Hidden surfaces are always available – with full rendering power
  • Consistent visualization results: from realtime rendering to offline image editing 

For more information on the market launch of RTT DeltaGen 11®, visit our product website.

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RTT provides creative, fascinating 3D visualization solutions highlighting products realistically and enabling them to be experienced in realtime. The company assists customers throughout the entire life cycle of their products – from development, design and marketing to sales and distribution. The 3D data model from product development provides a working basis for all subsequent steps in the product life cycle, for example, creating rapid computer-generated, photorealistic product illustrations for marketing or a 3D online product configurator for the website. In so doing, RTT not only speeds up its customers' decision-making and development processes, but also opens up new avenues for them in sales and marketing. The company was founded in 1999 and has its head office in Munich. RTT has 515 employees and 14 offices across the world. Well-known companies across the globe rely on the quality provided by RTT. Examples are Adidas, Airbus, Audi, BASF, BMW, Daimler, Electrolux, Eurocopter, Ferrari, General Motors, Harley-Davidson, Miele, Nissan, Porsche, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, The North Face, Toyota and Volkswagen. RTT AG is a listed public limited company (Xetra: R1T; WKN: 701220; ISIN: DE0007012205). Further information is available at