"One World, One Dream --- Benji Du Painting and Calligraphy World Exhibition Tour"

Apr 12, 2012 (06:04 PM EDT)

Internationally renowned artist Benji Du demonstrated live calligraphy with two American artists for 2012 London Olympics

YORBA LINDA, Calif., April 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A Chinese calligraphy piece that says "World Harmony" put the Chinese artist Benji Du in the spotlight in the international arena over a decade ago. Now Mr. Du is holding a global tour exhibition to promote the notion of "World Harmony." Yorba Linda was his first stop. The event was supported by international organizations such as International Olympic Committee.


To embody the event theme, Mr. Du was joined by two American artists Robert Lyn Nelson and Tanya Nolan and re-created his classic piece "World Harmony" which will be dedicated to the 2012 London Olympics. Mr. Du also donated one painting to Richard Nixon Library and Museum. Over 300 guests attended the live event on the 9th. Awards were presented to the artists and event organizers to acknowledge their contributions to art and culture. The event also boasted live performances and a runway show that featured dresses painted by Mr. Du.

During the following few days, even more people visited the exhibition. Some made a special trip to the exhibition from the East Coast and Europe. To fulfill visitors' hope of seeing similar events in the future, the curator of the event, Mr. Benjamin Chen is working on planning the next event of this World Tour in London later this year.

About the artists:

Benji Du --- He was chosen as the official calligrapher for 2008 Beijing Olympics. His calligraphy was on the guiding boards in the parade of nations during the opening ceremony. His paintings and calligraphy were also carried into space by the Shenzhou 7 spaceship.

Robert Lyn Nelson --- He has been supporting Environment Conservation and other causes with his art throughout his 40-year career. His art has been included in the art collections of four United States Presidents as well as many public figures.

Tanya Nolan --- She is a conceptual artist whose work explores the psychosocial effects of modern living with a focus on communication. As an active member of LAAA, Ms. Nolan's work has been shown at institutions such as the Hammer Museum. Her recent work has also been screened during the Art Basel Exhibition in Miami.

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