CDNPAL Open Search Goes Crowd Funded With KickStarter

Apr 03, 2012 (04:04 PM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, April 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CDNPAL co-founders Shaun Kutch and Christopher Gu have launched an unprecedented crowd-funding campaign on the popular website The campaign aims to fund the CDNPAL Open Search Project whose stated goal is to make the web transparently searchable within your community of friends. The campaign kicks off Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 based in Los Angeles, California. The project is trying to raise $100,000 to finish funding the development of the remaining search engine code, which was started in late 2010.

CDNPAL is a new kind of search engine that focuses on communities of friends rather than using general algorithms to determine ranking based on web page hyperlinks. The search engine collects and indexes documents on the World Wide Web, then polls opt-in users anonymously. It uses that information to determine what is popular on the web at any given point and time. It also has co-op mode technology where communities can create search trends and does community indexing of the web based on that. CDNPAL Open Search Engine is also unique in that it allows users to mash web documents up into social graphs using the Open Graph format pioneered by Facebook, Inc.

CDNPAL LTD, the company behind CDNPAL Open Search was started in 2010 by Shaun Kutch and Christopher Gu to bring new community technologies and games to the web. The company had tried fundraising the traditional way with VCs but was unsuccessful due to the predominance of Google in the web search sector.

In early 2012, they refactored the search engine code they had with Apache open source frameworks such as HBase, Hadoop and Data Nucleus. They created a skeleton of the new search engine, and again looked to raise money to pay more programmers to finish it. This time they chose KickStarter to fund the project and offered rewards based on the project's initial completion to those who are interested in funding it.

The project contributors will get the rewards offered such as $1 for a 1 year membership or $25 to download the complete open source code to the search engine. The project deliverables will mostly be delivered in October 2012, but some rewards such as a picture book history of the project will be delivered in March, 2013.



Contact: Christopher Gu
(424) 209-8558