Avant Media Manager© Generation Two Is Released Featuring New User Interface

Mar 22, 2012 (04:03 PM EDT)

CARMEL, Ind., March 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- DWA Healthcare Communications Group announced today the release of the latest version of their presentation management system, Avant Media Manager. Avant Media Manager Generation Two introduces a refined user interface with enhanced functionality, including integrated content search and advanced navigation controls.

"As technology evolves and our end users' requirements change, the Avant Media Manager Product Team has been quick to implement revisions that vastly improve overall user experience," said Samantha Schwartz, Executive Director, New Product Program Division. "Avant Media Manager was created from the need to retain industry-wide familiarity with PowerPoint while eliminating the security and compliance risks inherent in PowerPoint-based content management systems," Schwartz continued. "These changes dramatically reduce a user's time in navigating the system, from both content consumption and content preparation standpoints."

The newest version of Avant Media Manager also incorporates features derived from tablet-based platforms, such as an in-app message center. "We released Avant Media Manager iPad edition last year, and the latest iteration of Avant Media Manager keeps pace with the shifts in user experience tablets have engendered throughout our industry," said Schwartz.

"Avant Media Manager remains unique in that it was created by healthcare marketing and medical education veterans who know the territory when it comes to delivering healthcare presentations that are effective, compliant, and on message," CEO Deborah Wood added. "As such, it personifies our drive to empower the entire user chain – from speakers to brands to information technology and support personnel – and stay true to the heart of healthcare education's goal of improving outcomes."

Avant Media Manager is a presentation management system created by healthcare and medical marketing veterans. Built from a compliance foundation with a rich feature set, the software empowers industry users to create and deliver medical presentations that are 100% regulatory and product-compliant at all times. For more information about Avant Media Manager, please contact Jon Houck at 317.208.4295 or email at

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