Sales Force Size & Territory Design Specialists, Cozmix Inc. Announce the Re-Launch of Their Website

Mar 21, 2012 (04:03 PM EDT)

ORLANDO, Fla., March 21, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Cozmix Inc., a sales force strategy consultancy and software development company, has announced the re-launch of its website.


Cozmix' updated site provides customers with detailed information about its products and services.  The main product is SizeMix, which optimizes the sales force size and allocation of selling effort.  In addition Cozmix offer AlignMix, an easy to use sales territory design solution, which Cozmix uses to support its sales territory design practice.

The website attempts to provide clients with as much valuable sales force strategy information as possible.  This includes report and sort video courses on sales force relevant issues.  Topics covered include sales force size, customer segmentation, sales force structure and sales force planning.  In addition Cozmix AlignMix site now offers an in-depth sales territory design course.  This is the "14 Day Sales Territory Design Challenge", which takes students through all of the necessary steps required to create a robust sales territory design.  This is a truly unique program which, for the first time, enables companies to redesign their sales force for free.

The newly design blog is the vehicle for delivering ongoing information.  It contains useful tips and information which will help anyone who needs to make better sales force decision.  The blog will be updated weekly to keep user informed about new features of the software and new services offered by Cozmix.

The new website also provide support for Cozmix' recently released sales force optimization software tools which include: SizeMix (sales force size), AlignMix (sales territory mapping), and CallMix (sales force planning).  These solutions offer a comprehensive sales force strategy suite of tools. They have been successfully applied internationally in over thirty five different countries.  In addition, the sales force sizing and optimization techniques have been used in many different and diverse industries including pharmaceuticals, animal health and consumer goods.  In general the improvement in profitability has been significant – anywhere from 3% to 35% increase in profit over three years.

Steve Maughan, President of Cozmix, feels that the new website more effectively communicates the Cozmix vision to customers, "The new website better reflects who we are as a company - Cozmix is unique in that we have released the tools that we use during consulting projects to the public.  Now, instead of hiring us for a consulting project, a company has an alternative.  They can purchase our software and do the project in-house.  This flexibility makes us quite unique."

Visit the website to learn more about Cozmix and its sales force optimization offerings.  

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