Presentation Tool Projeqt Wins SXSW Interactive Award for Educational Resource

Mar 14, 2012 (06:03 PM EDT)

NEW YORK, March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Projeqt, a cloud-based dynamic presentation tool, was last night awarded a SXSW Interactive Award in the category of Educational Resource.

Projeqt has attracted many users from the education sector, both students and teaching faculty, ranging from elementary schools to Universities and distance learning programs.

David Lee, Founder and Creative Director of Projeqt, commented, "We're really pleased to have been recognized in this category. The edtech space is incredibly vibrant and important to us. Lots of developments are being made in this sector, and we see a viable space for Projeqt as a more engaging platform with which teachers and students alike can move beyond static presentations to make the learning experience more interactive and social."

Projeqt allows users to pull real-time content into a presentation, including feeds from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Google Maps and Google Docs. Content can also be organized in a linear or non-linear format, with groupings of slides into Stacks. All Projeqts are optimized for viewing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Projeqt launched in private beta in early 2011 and was named a Mashable "Spark of Genius." The service opened to the public in fall 2011 and, since then, has seen users increase significantly, doubling the user base in the last 3 months.

About Projeqt:

Projeqt ( is a cloud-based creative storytelling platform, created as a device-agnostic web-publishing tool. It provides a robust architecture, with unprecedented flexibility and possibilities. With Projeqt, your presentations never remain static. By pulling live tweets or blog feeds, inserting an interactive map, adding audio notes or simply streaming videos, your presentation can live in real-time and be shared seamlessly. Projeqt. Dynamic presentations for the real-time world.

Projeqt was created by (, a TBWA\Worldwide company.  TBWA\Worldwide ( is a part of Omnicom Group, Inc.  (NYSE: OMC) (

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