Security Firm Thirtyseven4 Fights Looming Internet Shutdown for Millions

Mar 06, 2012 (03:03 PM EST)

Free DNSChanger detection tool available; verifies compromised systems

MEDINA, Ohio, March 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Security firm Thirtyseven4, LLC creates a solution for millions of users worldwide to avoid Internet loss when the virus DNSChanger takes effect on Thursday, March 8, 2012.  DNSChanger is a Trojan that targets Internet devices such as routers or home gateways.  DNSChanger spread to millions of users worldwide through a highly efficient botnet.  An estimated four million PC's in over one hundred countries have been compromised.

The DNSChanger attack directs a system's Domain Name System (DNS) server settings to rogue DNS servers controlled by malware authors.  DNS is an Internet service that converts domain names into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that allows computers to communicate with one another.

As a result of this attack, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched Operation Ghost Click and set up a temporary solution to ensure users didn't lose DNS service.  Their fix expires this Thursday at which time infected users will lose Internet service.  

"Lost Internet connection due to DNSChanger remains a serious threat to millions," said Thirtyseven4 Owner Steven Sundermeier.  "Our virus lab team has reported over 70 variants of this malware and we're still seeing hundreds of thousands of live infections.  If you have a factory set or weak password for your router, there is a good chance your system was compromised."

Over half of Fortune 500 companies have at least one PC or router still infected with DNSChanger.   

"Thirtyseven4 developed a free DNSChanger detection tool for users who find themselves at risk. The tool was created to help users determine if their system's DNS settings have been compromised," added Sundermeier.   "The best solution to ward off vicious attacks in the future is for consumers to make sure that they go with a reputable antivirus provider and that their protection is up-to-date," concluded Sundermeier.

For more information about this virus or to check your system and avoid losing Internet service, please visit

Thirtyseven4 also offers a 30 day trial of its flagship product, Thirtyseven4 Antivirus which cleans machines and protects them from future attacks at

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