"Security" Is Leading L.A.-Based Electrician's Mantra

Feb 24, 2012 (02:02 PM EST)

The Electrical Contractors at 4 Over Electric have 3 ways they're making the word "security" mean more than just safety.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- If you look back at 4 Over Electric's history as a company, you see a leading electrician in Los Angeles pairing quality work with quality customer service. By emphasizing the customer's individual experience, they've developed a client base that values a job done politely and safely, not just a job done. The secret to a great company, it seems, is to make security mean more than the cameras they install. It does mean that, but it also stands for their safety standards, and the trust and confidence the customer can expect to have.

Indeed they do install security cameras. Cameras are essential for most businesses and workplaces, but they're also a valuable and cost effective way to combat burglary at home. With the one-time cost of camera installation, unlawful entry and theft may still be considerations, but cameras ensure you have a place to begin when you work with the police to catch a perpetrator. The cost of camera installation is a pittance compared to what you can lose due to theft. It's especially economical when combined with the installation of other necessary fixtures by a high quality Los Angeles electrician, and the peace of mind it provides can't be bought.

Personal safety is also at the heart of the "security" issue. By ensuring that their practices are up to date, and that their equipment is in good condition, the contractors at 4 Over Electric can be positive at all times that they're keeping safe at work, and not endangering those around them. But moreover, they proudly install the tools of safety in the workplaces and homes of their customers. In addition to the safety derived from a well-placed security camera, they install fire prevention and safety systems including fire alarms for commercial buildings, smoke detectors, toxic fume detectors and more. Safety is of the utmost concern, and 4 Over Electric never forgets that safety goes hand-in-hand with security.

Finally, for added sense security they instill trust in their client base. With 4 Over Electric, you'll always feel like you've picked an honest, hard-working electrical contractor from Los Angeles. By remaining courteous and respectful, and keeping the customer informed about the progress of the job, 4 Over Electric lets the customer know they can be secure in the decision to hire them.

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