BILMBA Marketing & Associates Launches to Aid Golfers in Lowering Golf Scores

Feb 10, 2012 (12:02 PM EST)
URL: provides stickers with swing thoughts and images for golfers to apply to their driver and wood club heads to help them focus on what to think and visualize just before they swing the golf club

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BILMBA Marketing & Associates has launched a new website with a simple yet revolutionary product for golf equipment designed to help the 20+ Million golfers in America and duffers around the world lower their golf scores.

"We literally provide golfers with a swing thought or image they can put on their golf club and use it while they play. That is revolutionary in golf" according to Bryon K. Smith, BILMBA's owner and Chief Duffer of

"The product is in compliance with U.S.G.A Rules and Regulations. Our mission is to lower the collective handicaps of golfers around the world, one at a time, with our swing thoughts and images."

This simple, yet elegant swing aid can help golfers reach their goals for less than the price of a bucket of range balls. Selected swing thoughts and images are widely recommended by teaching golf pros.

"It's like having my golf pro on the tee just before I swing. The stickers are a huge help," according to James McIntyre who is using the "Turn and trust it!" swing thought.

A BILMBA Marketing & Associates owned and operated site with a patent pending line of golf instruction and swing improvement stickers, located in Los Angeles CA. The website was opened in February 2012. Bryon K. Smith, a digital/direct response marketer with over 25 years experience, is the leader of both BILMBA Marketing and Bryon works with fellow golfers and professional golf teachers to develop golf stickers to lower golfer's scores. Bryon's experience in customer relationship marketing enables him to create stickers and communicate their value to the golfing public. Those who would like to learn more about the website can contact Bryon at sells high quality vinyl swing thought and image stickers that are water resistant, sun resistant and removable.

SOURCE BILMBA Marketing & Associates