Note to Social Networking Giants: Friendio is Booming

Feb 03, 2012 (02:02 PM EST)

ORLAND PARK, Ill., Feb. 3, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Social Networking has long been known as an easy way to keep up with friends and family. Yet with the introduction of Timeline by the world's largest social network the whole concept of social media is suddenly modified as Timeline transforms profiles into scrap booking pages. With these constant changes and too many privacy issues making headlines a group of Facebook® users wanted change.


With some real ambition Friendio, Inc., an Orland Park, Illinois based company, was born. This new rival offers people classic social networking with strong privacy and popular features. "Friendio does not modify privacy settings, nor do we force people to create a scrapbook of their life," said Doug Freitag, the company's President. The site's slogan, "It's all about you!" really sums it up. People can customize profile layouts, change the site's theme to their liking, add music, insert Places, add company Pages and create their own circle of friends through custom lists. It's simple, easy to use, and makes sense. It's a way for people to further express their personal style, and share more about who they are.

Even more, the company has already opened their API to developers, allowing connection to the network from the outside for the development of apps. The 'Like Button' is already available to Website & blog owners. With this addition the network can quickly grow to a global scale.

People are flocking to Friendio and the site is booming. Although many people never heard of it until now they are sure to hear about it a lot more in the future. The company is a private corporation but has considered an IPO or private placement to further its reach.

To learn more visit where people can start inviting friends.

About Friendio

Friendio is a growing global provider of alternative social networking services and is synonymous with privacy. The company provides its members with convenient access on a computer or mobile device. With a growing brand and the ability to share with friends & family without the privacy concerns, Friendio's network holds the capability to serve millions of people around the world with a new way to connect, create and share.

Disclaimer: Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc., herein incorporated for reference. Friendio, Inc. has no affiliation whatsoever with the company or its trademarks.

CONTACT:  Doug Freitag, 1-866-932-0383,

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