Testing, Testing, is This Thing On? Test PAC, Please Ignore

Jan 27, 2012 (02:01 PM EST)

Test PAC, Please Ignore is dedicated to organizing the resources and opinions of individuals throughout the internet community in order to promote their collective political interests.

PHOENIX, Jan. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Members of a popular online community have collectively organized to form a political action committee which aims to support legislation and candidates fighting for electoral reform, individual liberties, and the Internet community.  The group, Test PAC, Please Ignore is able to collect donations to use in strategic messaging, ad campaigns and web promotions to fight against misinformation and to support causes that further the interests of the community.

Ran exclusively by Internet community volunteers and first established on Reddit, the organization has officially filed paperwork to register with the Federal Elections Committee (FEC). 

"We had an idea. You've got a vast community of people passionate about various political issues or interested in running for office themselves and they don't know where to start," said Test PAC treasurer Andy Posterick.  "Our community spans so many areas of expertise; we knew we needed to organize."

While not officially affiliated with Reddit, Test PAC and its volunteers will still take their input from other members of the community.  They have established a comprehensive set of rules that will allow members in good-standing of the Reddit community to vote to determine how the PAC spends its money. The groups' standard of transparency and community input is something that distinctly separates the organization from other political action committees.

The enthusiasm garnered from Internet communities, like Reddit, that received high-profile exposure for its protest of HR 3261 and S.968 (SOPA and PIPA), and the boycott of is credited for the intense organization and establishment of Test PAC, Please Ignore.  

Test PAC is currently developing a broad plan and establishing positions on current events, political issues, and stances on pending legislation. The website is now officially up and running with the capacity to accept donations.

Chairman Jeromie Whalen added, "It is my philosophy that money should never be a barrier to participation in anything, and anyone who wants to be involved is welcome."

To get involved, donate, or to find out how you can help the organization go to

About Test PAC, Please Ignore:
Test PAC, Please Ignore is an issue advocacy group established by a community of volunteers, dedicated to raising awareness on political issues chosen through an open, democratic, web-based voting process. It is committed to fundraising, organization and messaging in the struggle to keep the Internet open and free.  As a 527 organization Test PAC can collect donations from individuals or businesses on behalf of these issues. 

Test PAC has no official affiliation with Reddit or Reddit's parent company Advance Publications.

Test PAC, Please Ignore is not authorized by any candidate or candidates committee.

To donate or support the effort, visit

For more information contact:
Andy Posterick, Treasurer
(602) 432-2202