McCann Truth Central Releases '12 Truths About Social in 2012'

Jan 12, 2012 (03:01 PM EST)

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- McCann Truth Central, the global thought leadership unit of McCann, released '12 Truths About Social in 2012' today at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Culled from a series of research studies conducted across 19 countries, 30+ focus groups, and 12,000+ online studies, these 'truths' illuminate the impact of the social media landscape on consumers and brands.

Truth #1: The Nature of What's Private and Public Has Changed
The monumental rise of social networking has caused a huge shift in the nature of what people believe is private. 75% globally agree, "People share far too much information online these days." 

Truth #2: There's no Shame in Being a 'Stalker'
With the advent of social media outlets, peoples' walls have come down in the context of personal information. 1 in 3 people have Googled people they hardly know, and 1 in 4 have read a partner or friend's text messages.

Truth #3: Consumers are Spending More Time Monitoring Their 'Personal Brand'
Consumers around the world admitted to multiple online personalities. In emerging markets like India, 35% of people say that they monitor their online brand by Googling themselves more than once a month.

Truth #4: Consumers Have a Growing and Complex Ecosystem of Friends
'Connecting' to a broader network of friends has replaced the singular need to 'belong' to a tight-knit group of friends. 47% of youth globally want to be remembered for the quality and quantity of their connections.

Truth #5: Even within the Complex Online World of Friendships, Consumers Still Know What Makes a Real Friend
In these new, online spaces for people to be social, a lot of fake friends have cropped up. Yet data indicates the values that make a real friend are quite clear. Asked which values they seek in a best friend, young people globally opted for 'truthful', chosen by 42%.

Truth #6: The Need to Broadcast Oneself Is Constant
Southern countries are embracing new technology and are much more keen to share about their lives. 80% of Chileans and 77% of Indians agree that they like sharing thoughts and opinions with friends online, versus only 46% in the UK and 31% in Japan.

Truth #7: Everyone Now Has Some Type of Audience

Truth #8: Everyone will become More Focused on Their Own Online Story
With the introduction of Facebook Timeline people will become even more focused on their own story. 

Truth #9: Brands Should become part of Their Consumer's Personal Stories
As brands offer more events and experiences to consumers, recognize that there is a lifecycle within the consumer timeline - each stage will be reflected through social media.

Truth #10: Social Proof is a Powerful Force in Marketing
Globally, over 90% of 16-30 year olds agree with the statement "if a company or brand impresses me in some way, I will make a point of telling my friends about it." 

Truth #11: If Brands Seeks Advocacy, Make it Worthwhile to The Consumer
37% of the global population known as 'Savvy Shoppers' are willing to engage with and socialize with brands and businesses, but want to receive something tangible in return.

Truth #12: When it comes to socializing with brands, customers want value
Globally, 86% of consumers understand that there are major benefits associated with sharing data with businesses online.