New Technology Aids in National Security

Sep 02, 2011 (02:09 PM EDT)

Rapid Response Mobile Surveillance Vehicle demonstrated on Capitol Hill

DALLAS, Sept. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TerraHawk, LLC, a Texas-based small business, will be demonstrating its Mobile Utility Surveillance Tower (MUST) technology to House and Senate Members and Staff on Thursday, September 8th. This patented technology is currently being fielded by law enforcement agencies as a more practical and versatile solution for emergency response, public event crowd control, general surveillance and more prominently, as a deterrence asset against drug trafficking and other illegal activity near our nation's borders.

The MUST solution is a reasonably priced, ruggedly versatile platform to integrate state of the art thermal cameras, ground radar, and other surveillance technology and can be deployed within two minutes. Additionally, TerraHawk is the only system currently available where a single person can operate the vehicle and deploy the surveillance capsule without ever having to leave safety of the interior. This ease of deployment not only improves the protection of those in the field, but gives agencies incredible a new capability against those trying to circumvent the surveillance net.

In video footage on the company's website, an undercover narcotics officer who utilizes the TerraHawk on the United States border claims, "We are using this unit basically for national security. We are watching to make sure the violence does not pour onto United States soil."

Having been already acquired by numerous U.S. Police Departments and several Sheriff's Departments along the Texas Border, TerraHawk is not only making an impact on border security but has brought the market a more efficient solution to assist law enforcement personnel who have the responsibility of keeping America safe by using technology to prevent terrorism, respond to emergencies and deter crime.

TerraHawk will be displaying its technology for the House on the corner of C Street, SE and New Jersey Avenue, SE between Longworth and Cannon House Office Buildings from 8:30PM to 12PM and to the Senate from 1PM to 4:30PM on the Corner of C St., NE and 1st St., NE between Russell and Dirksen Buildings. Company officials and engineers will be on hand to answer questions.