Get a Google Engineer to Develop Your App

Aug 04, 2011 (06:08 PM EDT)

Google Engineer + San Francisco-based Team = Your Facebook & Mobile App

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Founded in 2007 by a former Googler and Stanford grad, AESConnect is a Facebook Application Developer providing social media solutions to brands, agencies, and start-ups from a California-based based team of expert Facebook app developers, project managers, designers, and software engineers. We provide application development services ranging from Custom Fan Page development to the creation of completely unique apps, games and more. Our creative team features a full design capacity and all of our solutions include design, development, hosting and maintenance services. When you need to create a Facebook application, iPhone application, Android application, or custom Fan Page, AESConnect is your trusted partner.


Imagine being able to have a sit-down, face-to-face conversation with each of your customers. Social media applications offer this unique promise. Facebook apps and other social networking apps and application deliver value for your customers in an unprecedented 1-to-1 fashion, at scale. You can build relationships with your customers, drive leads, increase awareness, launch new products, and stay on top of trends using powerful social media tools. Our Facebook Developers provide the kinds of Facebook Application Development Services and mobile apps that you will need to take control of your community of customers online to generate traffic, meet your revenue goals, and achieve overall marketing success.

There are several main kinds of Facebook applications that can be used to achieve your marketing goals. The Facebook application developers at AESConnect create several viral Facebook apps including Facebook dating apps, Facebook Connect and Google Maps and Google Earth apps, Facebook contests and sweepstakes, Facebook games apps like our Facebook tetris game and more.

It's not just enough to create application and integrate them into your Fan Page. In addition, you must also embed the application in a wider marketing effort that includes Facebook Ads, Mobile Apps, Community Engagement Management, and Social Strategy Creation and solutions. Each of these services fits together into a coherent whole allowing for the maximum amount of success for your social media campaign.

When you need a Facebook developer to create a Facebook app for your brand, business, company or agency, AESConnect can provide the marketing expertise and engineering muscle to deliver campaigns. Won't you contact us today? Please call us FREE at 1-(888)-433-6086, browse through our recent Faceboook apps, learn more about the company, or just visit and click the bell and get your free quote, same day. AESConnect Facebook Application Developers stand by their apps 100% and are a long term partner for the future. Request a quote today. It's free!

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