WPF and Silverlight Gauge Control Suite by DevExpress - for Digital Dashboard-Style User Interfaces and KPIs

Jun 29, 2011 (06:06 PM EDT)

Easy-to-Use with advanced presentation options, the DXGauge Suite by DevExpress allows software developers to incorporate cutting edge user interfaces to their next WPF and Silverlight applications.

GLENDALE, Calif., June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- DevExpress is proud to announce the immediate availability of its WPF and Silverlight Gauge Control Suite. Built and optimized for Visual Studio .NET, this Gauge control simplifies the way in which developers create and deliver dashboard-style UIs to their customers when targeting the WPF and Silverlight platforms.


The DevExpress WPF and Silverlight Gauge Control ships with the following features:

Built-in Models

The DXGauge Suite delivers more than 20 built-in models, each defining a consistent look-and-feel for all gauge elements. These models contain element colors and element shapes, sizes and other associated parameters.

Scale Ranges

Circular and Linear scales can be divided into any number of ranges with their limits specified either in percents or in absolute values. In addition, scale ranges provide support for end-user interaction. This is done by raising special events when any indicator enters or leaves a range and makes it possible to change a gauge's picture or perform any other action based upon current value.

End-User Interaction

In order to provide extended end-user interaction with the Gauge Control, we've included the ability to change indicator values at runtime along with comprehensive hit-test support. For example, you can create a knob-like gauge for use in your dashboards, then allow end-users to manipulate the knob to adjust values in the application.


The DXGauge Suite supports fluid animation of all movable elements in a gauge. Additionally there are many properties including multiple easing options that allow for a extended control over every aspect of the animation.

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