Mctrax International Catches Hacking Attempt by Group "Anonymous"

Jun 02, 2011 (06:06 PM EDT)

Founder Andy Fraser locates information with ties to activist organization

LOS ANGELES, June 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bassist, mega-hit songwriter and Mctrax International founder Andy Fraser was instrumental in locating a deadly virus with ties to the infamous hacking group known simply as "Anonymous."  The virus was located by Fraser as he found a link to where a photo should have been, which was traced to the source.  The virus, which was showing file permissions giving the hacker knowledge of what files are there and permissions set, while at the same time showing a "Run" command.  It was a potentially frightening situation as the hacker could then run anything on that server. The threat was immediately removed and the server remains safe with no interruption to its service.  Fraser was able to locate the place, date, and time of how and where the virus originated.

"Andy is not your ordinary computer user," states Fraser's publicist Curtis Smith of Maelstrom Public Relations.  "He has the knowledge and the ability to locate back-end material and track information that most computer users are not aware of.  Because of this he was able to pinpoint the hackers username and password identities."

Recently an NPR story was released reporting on the possibility that the Anonymous group, whose mission is to disrupt entertainment companies making a profit from the Internet, was responsible for the hacking of PlayStation 3, gaining access to millions of personal credit card data.  The group has denied having anything to do with the hacking.

"This is an issue that needs to be investigated," Fraser states.

About Mctrax International:

Mctrax is an independently owned and operated music company founded in 2005 by songwriter/ bassist Andy Fraser (Free) and incorporated as Mctrax International Corporation in Southern California.  It's subsidiaries, which includes music label, MctraxMotion (video), MctraxMedia, and Mctraxfilms, with upcoming plans for feature length films combining the talents of Hannah (Mermaid) Fraser, whose career has taken off since her move to Hollywood.  The new Mctrax music delivery system was created originally as an outlet for Fraser's prolific song-writing material.  It has since become a less expensive method of delivering music straight to the listener for a few cents without the aid of other systems such as iTunes, Google, etc.  Mctrax plays an important role in the integration of artists and control of their content, as it was one of the first labels owned by a musician to primarily feature their own material and achieve crossover success by going around the established music industry.

About Andy Fraser:

Andy Fraser is an iconic singer/ songwriter, bassist, environmental and social activist.  He is a strong defender of individual human rights, and holds a unique place in rock and roll history.  Originally a classically trained pianist as a child and moving to bass in his early teens under the tutelage of legendary Brit blues architects Alexis Korner and John Mayall, he revolutionized the art of bass playing by combining the raw energy of blues with hard rock in the late 60s to help form the "blues rock" sound.

As a founding member of Free and the band's bassist, Fraser wrote and produced some of their most groundbreaking and world renowned songs, including the worldwide hit "All Right Now," having been honored with BMI's "Million-Air" award for passing 3 million radio/television plays in the U.S., making it one of the most enduring classics of the rock 'n roll era.

Fraser has written a substantial amount of songs including Robert Palmer's smash hit, "Every Kinda People," as well as having his songs recorded by such recording artists as Joe Cocker, Rod Stewart, Three Dog Night, Etta James, Bob Seger, and Chaka Khan, among others.  Fraser's musical career continued after Free with such bands as Sharks and the Andy Fraser Band, along with his solo material that includes the albums, "Fine, Fine Line" and "Naked-and Finally Free".

A survivor of both cancer and AIDS, Fraser continues to be a perfectionist in his craft and an inspiration to many, both with his music and his approach to life.

SOURCE Mctrax International