DVDFab Blu-ray Tools Support Newest AACS MKB v24

May 07, 2011 (09:05 AM EDT)

BEIJING, May 7, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- DVDFab Blu-ray tools support the newest AACS Blu-ray protection -- MKB v24 -- all generally starting from the update of DVDFab decryption server on May 6, 2011. As a result, DVDFab users now can get advantage of the Internet connection based server and use DVDFab Blu-ray apps to freely copy, rip, or convert MKB v24 protected Blu-ray content like "Winter's Bone", which is the only Blu-ray movie encrypted with MKB v24 we can find on the market so far.

About AACS MKB v24:

MKB (Media Key Block) is one of the 4 items contained in an AACS protected Blu-ray disc, and the other 3 items are the Volume ID, the Encrypted Title Keys, and the Encrypted Content. Once the MKB is decrypted, it provides the Media Key. The Media Key is combined with the Volume ID to produce the Volume Unique Key. The Volume Unique Key is used to decrypt the encrypted Title Keys, and the Title Key is used to decrypt the encrypted content. MKB v24 is the newest version of MKB, and now can be removed by DVDFab.

Note that currently users can only get MKB v24 support with an Internet connection. For more information about DVDFab Internet based service, be certain to see

About DVDFab Blu-ray Tools:

DVDFab Blu-ray tools include Blu-ray Copy, Blu-ray Ripper, Blu-ray to DVD Converter, and Blu-ray 3D Ripper. These tools can help users flexibly and professionally copy, rip and convert Blu-ray (2D&3D), making it easy to solve all Blu-ray issues one can come across. For more information about DVDFab Blu-ray tools, please visit

About Fengtao Software:

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