my-Ditto Key Wins 'Best of Show' at Macworld

Feb 02, 2011 (03:02 PM EST)

Sleek and Simple my-Ditto Key Unlocks the Power of VPNs For Non-Techie Consumers and Small Businesses

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 2, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Dane-Elec, a global leader in flash memory products, today announced that its my-Ditto Key was awarded "Best of Show" at Macworld Expo 2011. Macworld magazine's editorial team selected my-Ditto Key from among the thousands of products showcased at the event. my-Ditto Key is part of Dane-Elec's my-Ditto: "The Network Server for Everyone," a simple, yet sophisticated, mass market Home Network and VPN product.

With many U.S. households owning multiple computers, MP3 players, digital cameras or other connected devices, even non-technical consumers appreciate the need to connect these devices to a secure, central storage location, where everyone in the household can quickly and easily share digital files. For some, accessing these files remotely is also critical. Recognizing this need, Dane-Elec created my-Ditto: "The Network Server for Everyone."

"Today's connected consumers love the freedom and flexibility of sharing documents and digital content through one centralized location but typically can't cope with the complicated network solutions that were available before my-Ditto," said Sherry Chapman, Director at Dane-Elec. "my-Ditto is a three-step, 'set it and forget it' home network solution that lets users easily and securely share digital content in or out of the home."

my-Ditto features the following three components: my-Ditto Home Server, myDitto Key and my-Ditto Mobile.

  • my-Ditto Home Server: A truly plug-n-play product, my-Ditto Home Server is the easiest NAS to install and use than any other on the market. The server was specifically designed for Apple users and is OS X 10.5 and higher compatible.
  • my-Ditto Key: my-Ditto Key is a password-protected USB key that lets consumers easily access files from their my-Ditto Home Server. Unlike competitors, my-Ditto Key remotely connects consumers directly to their home server through a proprietary UPnP (peer-to-peer) network, as opposed to costly third-party cloud-based connections that are less secure.
  • my-Ditto Mobile Application: my-Ditto also offer consumers a "true" peer-to-peer VPN connection directly through their Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad devices, giving consumers greater choice in how they connect to their private network.

To learn more about my-Ditto or to purchase the device, consumers can visit: Retailers currently offering the device include BestBuy, Wal-Mart, Staples, PC Mall, Mac Mall, Amazon,, B&H and J&R.

SOURCE Dane-Elec