C&R Research Launches ParentSpeak, a Shared Online Research Community

Jan 25, 2011 (03:01 PM EST)

CHICAGO, Jan. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- C&R Research ( has launched a significant advance to market research online communities (MROCs) – a shared network called ParentSpeak (

"As a shared resource, ParentSpeak is available to any number of clients to more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively gain insights into behaviors, motivations and influences among parents and families today," said Brenda Hurley, Senior Vice President of C&R Research.

ParentSpeak brings together parents of children up to 18 years, engaging them to interact among themselves while also offering insights, through a variety of means, for client-sponsored research. It's expected to have a population base of 10,000 by the end of 2011's first quarter, with a goal of 20,000.

"Through ParentSpeak, we're providing a holistic view of, and easy access to, today's families – moms, dads, and, through our existing KidzEyes and TeensEyes panels, their kids, too," said Hurley.

Typically, most online research communities are created for a single business, and often, for a single, short-term research need. They also commonly recruit members from traditional research panels or only "best" customers. "We've taken care of the recruitment and management, eliminating clients' startup costs and facilitating their use of the social network as an exciting research tool," said Hurley.

Among the research capabilities afforded through ParentSpeak are online immersion and advisory sessions, including online chat sessions and focus groups, bulletin boards, exploratory surveys, photo and video journals, and voicemail shopalongs. Traditional quantitative research is enabled as well, such as concept evaluation, advertising testing, and web usability tests. Hybrid approaches, like interactive queries, can also be used.

"Another popular option is the ability to create advisory groups within a community, based on demographics, category behavior, or attitudes," said Hurley. "This opens the lines of communication and offers a valuable immediacy to the dialog being established."

For further information on ParentSpeak, contact Brenda at 312.828.9200, or

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