LIGATT Security: Negative Websites Boost Computer Security Expert Popularity, Profile & Profit

Jan 11, 2011 (04:01 PM EST)

ATLANTA, Jan. 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- National Cyber Security, by LIGATT Security International, (OTC Pink Sheets: LGTT) an online cyber security reference and news portal website, today announced that Gregory Evans, CEO of LIGATT Security, the most visible computer security expert in the world, with over 8 million people who heard him speak in 2010, thanks some of the negative websites solely about him, for his success.

Evans, who has been in the computer security business for over 27 years, recent popularity among others in the computer security industry, has been effective since June of 2010. Evans started hacking computers in the mid 80's, avoided jail time in the 10th grade when he hacked AT&T to make free calls and had it billed to Taco Bell Corporations. Then, his parents were ordered to pay back over $30,000 to avoid Evans going to jail.

"People think that I just started doing this," comments Gregory Evans. "I have been doing this before most people who are saying negative stuff about me were even born. Every time you mention my name, send links to my pages or, it increases my Google ranking."

"When so called experts dedicate webpage links such as, or that claim Evans is a fraud, has come off making everything look more personal than anything else," says Private Investigator S. Rosario. "After conducting a background check for a client of mine on Gregory Evans and LIGATT Security we verified and found everything stated in his bio is accurate and the information on Attrition is incorrect," says Rosario.

One of the biggest accusations that Evans has faced had to do with his peers not believing he taught at any of the colleges stated in his bio. Evans stated, "You can tell who real security experts are and who are not. The 1st rule is doing your research. When some of these so called security experts contacted the schools I stated in my bio, and spoke to the Human Resources department, they asked if they ever had a Gregory Evans teaching at their school which they answered 'no.' The reason is because they asked for the wrong department. They should have asked for the extended education department at the school. Almost every school has an extended education department where you can design your own class, submit the information, and if approved, teach your course.  I had close to 10 courses on 5 or more campuses being taught.  I did so, and then set up a subsidiary company called Technology Crime Institute to market and train everyone."

"All anyone has to do is visit You will see some of the courses I've taught in the schools' catalog, so when you see people who post comments such as, 'he was lying about his bio,' now they can see the evidence and know I am who I say I am," say Evans.

"I read an interview Chris Riley, who I don't like personally and he does not like me, conducted, and I have to agree with him on this. He said something along the lines of, "I would rather have a hardcore Linux guru than someone with a security certification."  A certification means you know how to take a test," says Evans.

Like Evans or not, you cannot deny the numbers. According to Evans, he had over $300,000 worth of speaking engagements last year alone "One thing I found odd was that every person that I interviewed that knew Evans all said the same thing when I asked them what type of work does Evans do, they all said "hacker," said Rosario.

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