Viridity Software and Data Center Rebates to Discuss How to Tap Into Today's Highly Lucrative Utility Company Rebates

Jan 07, 2011 (12:01 PM EST)

With Utilities Facing Own Challenges, Many Offering Greater and Greater Incentives to Organizations That Are Able to Control, Even Lower, Electrical Demands

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Thursday, January 13 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time


According to prevailing industry research, well over 50% of any data center's operating cost, regardless of size, is derived from the electricity required to power and cool the IT equipment.  As data continues to explode, so too does the need to expand IT infrastructures to support this growth – likewise the need and expense to power and cool the expanding infrastructure. With utilities facing their own challenges in trying to bring new energy capacity online, many are offering greater and greater incentives to organizations that are able to control, even lower, their electrical demands.  Don't leave this money on the table.  Join Viridity Software and Data Center Rebates as they discuss what IT and data center managers can do to qualify for today's highly lucrative utility company rebates.


Mike Rowan, Co-Founder and CTO, Viridity Software

Dan Gatti, President and CEO, Data Center Rebates


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Based in Carlsbad, CA, Data Center Rebates (DCR) is focused on "Industrial Efficiency" to help its data center clients accelerate their ROI by infusing cash onto their balance sheets.  DCR services enable clients to: establish energy utilization baselines; obtain cash via trade-in of old equipment; structure creative leasing options; maximize energy rebates from utilities; as well as reduce energy bills and ongoing operating expense (OpEx).  For further information, please visit:, call: (760) 476-1588, or email:  

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Based in Burlington, MA, Viridity Software is the leader in data center optimization and energy resource management (ERM) solutions.  Its EnergyCenter™ data center energy monitoring, measurement and management software provides customers with a cross functional solution for understanding the connection between physical infrastructure, IT equipment and applications.  Once these connections are fully understood, actionable strategies are provided so that customers can run more efficient, less expensive, highly optimized, eco-friendly, sustainable data centers.  For further information, please visit:, call: 781-425-2060, or email:

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