Austin, Texas, Woman Launches, an International Social Networking and Support Site for Singles

Nov 29, 2010 (12:11 PM EST)

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Stella Belmar, an Austin, Texas-based entrepreneur, launches, a highly anticipated free social support and networking site for single people worldwide.

The site differentiates itself by the fact that it does NOT directly focus on dating, but rather on providing a much-needed advice and information platform for singles globally.

"Single people are often overlooked in today's society and are often precluded from certain benefits that others take for granted," said Stella Belmar, CEO of Stella Singles LLC.

"Today's Internet is flooded with dating sites, but if singles have questions or need information about how to deal with a particular issue in their lives, they don't have that many places to turn to," she said.

"We wanted to provide this support network where singles of all ages over 18 can ask and answer questions, mingle, find resources and feel like someone cares." provides a Q&A platform in the areas of dating, relating, personal growth and self-help, business, wellness and other areas of life.

It's free to join and members can create profiles, communicate with each other, write their own blog and create a wishlist that their friends and family can refer to just as the holiday season is starting.

The site provides insightful articles and opinions by Stella Belmar, who has experienced it all being single herself. It also plans to feature advice from world-renowned experts and coaches in the fields of dating, relating, personal growth, business and wellness.

Finally, the site has a dedicated community area where members earn points for helping each other out, post comments and interact with each other.

"If singles meet their soulmate on the site, that's great. But the primary goal is for singles to feel at home, an area where they will feel support from other singles, internationally," said Stella Belmar.

The site also provides links to various courses in the covered subjects, in the form of CDs, DVDs, books and seminars. Anyone who would like to find some help while being single can turn to Stella Singles for support and advice.

About the Founder

CEO Stella Belmar has been in the singles world for a long time and this website was born out of a desire to create a support platform for singles like her. In addition to having experience in the financial field, journalism and entrepreneurship, Belmar has a burning desire to help singles worldwide. She provides a vast array of insights about being single in the U.S. as well as in Europe and an exceptional depth of knowledge in the field.

About is an interactive and social support network for singles worldwide. Singles can join for free to ask questions, get answers, create a profile and wishlist, write their blog and browse articles, books, CDs, DVDs and various courses catering to the singles lifestyle.

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Stella Belmar


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