GenAudio's Professional Audio Team Hosting Demonstration Briefings During Audio Engineering Society's 129th Conference in San Francisco

Nov 05, 2010 (07:11 PM EDT)

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 5, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- GenAudio Inc., developer of AstoundSound® 3D sound localization cue software, is hosting 3D sound demonstrations and engineering briefings in San Francisco today, November 5 and tomorrow, November 6 at the W Hotel in Suite 2414 at Third & Howard Streets.  Appointments are available between 11:00am and 5:00pm, and drop bys are welcome from 6:00pm to 9:00pm daily.

GenAudio's AstoundSound processing is based on more than 22 years of R&D into how the human brain actually processes audio information, unique audio digital signal processing (DSP), and innovative professional audio and software engineering. This 3D audio technology creates the accurate perception of elevation and depth without causing any phase or tone colorization issues.  GenAudio has created a set of professional audio tools.  These tools are applied to sound sources during mixing and before encoding, and are compatible with all surround delivery formats.

A key benefit of GenAudio's approach to 3D sound is that it preserves the soundtrack and music as the artists originally intended, while enhancing several aspects of the audio.  Unlike other digital audio enhancement packages, with GenAudio's software-based solution there is no need to purchase or install any additional playback equipment in a movie theater, concert venue or in the home to experience AstoundSound mixes.

Recent award-winning projects completed by the Astound Studios team includes the "We Are The World 25 For Haiti" 3D short film was mixed for theatrical presentation at Astound Studios in Los Angeles using AstoundSurround®, which integrates AstoundSound processed audio elements into the surround sound mix.  This created a realistic soundscape and enabled the audience at the 3DFF to feel as if they were in the studio during the original recording session. The two channel fold-down created from an AstoundSurround 5.1 theatrical mix, called AstoundStereo®, also creates an immersive surround sound audio experience with any two speakers (TV, laptop, car stereo, etc) or headphones and maintains the original surround panning information.

About GenAudio

GenAudio's mission is to provide the entertainment industry with unique sound localization-based software for professional audio mixing/mastering. For the consumer electronics industry GenAudio provides software development kit (SDK) solutions for embedded level integration into every device that has stereo audio output capability (HDTVs, Blu-ray players, computers, etc).  GenAudio's product offerings are all software based.  The technology creates a multi-dimensional audio experience with a minimum of two speakers and requires no special hardware for playback. A consumer version of GenAudio's sound enhancement software for Mac and PC, AstoundSound Expander®, can be downloaded for a free 30-day trial at  For more information please visit:

About Astound Studios

Astound Studios, located in West Los Angeles, is the first high-end studio facility built specifically for the purpose of mixing and mastering using GenAudio's AstoundSound technology.  Services available at this Russ Berger designed studio include mixing for theatrical, music, broadcast, multimedia mastering, sound design, recording, ADR, pre-dub, sound restoration, music production and ISDN.  For more information please visit

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