Luxiar Releases Online Electronic Approval System 'Booster ASP'

Nov 04, 2010 (01:11 PM EDT)

TOKYO, Nov. 4, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxiar Co., Ltd. will introduce "Fusion Work Flow," a business process-outsourcing (BPO) service based on software developed by the company, effective Dec. 1, 2010.



"Fusion Work Flow" provides the company's proprietary electronic approval system "Booster1.3" in the form of web-based cloud services, helping corporate users significantly reduce the cost of system installation and operation. It also offers optional services of printing, filing and transmitting duly approved application data on a monthly basis or of converting the original data into Excel and Access formats before transmission. "Fusion Work Flow" thus realizes information sharing and centralization, making it possible for users to undertake not only document management but also the analysis of daily reports, expense accounts and other data for evaluation by the management, and thus helping them cut overhead costs and increase sales.

The cloud version of "Booster" has 46 general-purpose document templates readily available for users. Once users decide on their approval process with the help of our consultation for introduction, they can start using it the following day. Since document templates can be customized without a programming process, users will be free of risks involved in the early stage of introduction, including initial errors which often take place upon customizing packaged programs.

Luxiar is now planning to make public interfaces as part of its web services and make the new product work more closely with the existing information assets, helping users speed up the decision-making process and improve the accuracy of information.

The company offers the initial introductory consultation, which costs 50,000 yen, free of charge as part of its first-time order campaign ending on Dec. 22, 2010. Moreover, for an unspecified period of time, there will be no limits on the number of users. When we put a limit on the number of users in future, the existing users will remain unaffected.

Fee schedule (before tax)

Consultation for initial introduction: 50,000 yen

(Free until Dec. 22, 2010)

Monthly minimum charge: 27,000 yen

Contents of services

  • Use of the cloud version of electronic approval system "Booster"
  • 20 GB of storage
  • Help desk services on weekdays (9:00-18:00)

Charges of optional services

  • Printing and filing (monthly): 1,000 yen per month per template; additional 20 yen per A4 sheet (one side)
  • Excel data transmission (monthly): 1,500 yen per month per template
  • Access data transmission (monthly): 1,500 yen per month per template
  • Consultation on organizational changes: 30,000 yen per day
  • Original document creation: 40,000 yen per template
  • Additional storage space: 1,000 yen per 1GB

SOURCE Luxiar Co., Ltd.