OneChicago Reports July 2010 Volume, Up 99% From July 2009, Open Interest Up 72% From June 2009

Aug 03, 2010 (12:08 PM EDT)

CHICAGO, Aug. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- OneChicago, LLC ("OCX") today reported that 599,564 security futures contracts traded at the Exchange in July 2010, an increase of 99% from July 2009.  Year to date volume was 2,591,742, up 143% from 2009.



Open interest stood at 636,429 contracts at the end of July 2010, a 72% increase over July 2009 and a 110% increase over June 2010.  

The top five July volume OneChicago contracts are:

Intel Corporation

Pfizer, Inc.

The Proctor & Gamble Company.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

AT&T Inc.

July 2010 Highlights

  • OCX successfully introduced OCX.RiskMan™, a risk control product for our OCX.BETS™ trading platform, which supports a marketplace for EFPs and block trades in OneChicago products.  More information on EFPs and OCX.BETS can be found on
  • 531,351 EFPs were traded, the highest monthly total in more than 3 years.
  • 197,804 July futures valued at $603 million were taken to delivery, consistent with the use of single stock futures as an equity finance product.  The July futures represented 35% of all existing open interest at that point and increased 4% on the expiration day.

About OneChicago: OneChicago is the only US regulated all-electronic exchange for trading security futures. Presently OneChicago lists approximately 1,548 products, including ETFs.  Contracts are cleared through the centralized counterparty, "AAA" rated, OCC and are regulated by both the SEC and CFTC. Security futures, a delta one product, function as equity swaps/repos and synthetic stock loan/borrow transactions.  For more information, please visit our website at:  

SOURCE OneChicago, LLC