TydenBrooks Supplies Security Products for The Air Cargo Screening Program

Aug 02, 2010 (02:08 PM EDT)

LIVINGSTON, N.J., Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- For over three years TydenBrooks has been a suppler to the industry in preparation of the Certified Cargo Screening Program implementation.  Finally, the 100% air cargo screening mandate date of August 1st has arrived. TydenBrooks was one of the original participating vendors within the TSA pilot program for tamper evident tape and has advised a variety of companies on implementing appropriate TET (tamper evident technology) solutions for their business.

As the world's leader in tamper evident seals, we are the only seal manufacturer that has achieved the Tier II level within the C-TPAT program and is certified under the SAFETY Act. TydenBrooks has developed a reputation for providing compliant and cost effective solutions to the global logistics community.

TydenBrooks deeply understands the "chain of custody standards" of the screening program. Whether your approved screening process includes the use of tamper evident tape, cost effective GPS tracking and tracing between screening locations and multiple airport drop off locations or the use of bar-coded ISO 17712 seals on your delivery conveyance, we can assist you.

TydenBrooks Security Products Group™, an ISO 9001 certified company, is a division of Tyden Group Holding Corp. and conducts business in over 50 countries around the world. We are the only TET supplier that can provide a compliant global seal program covering air cargo screening, C-TPAT as well as the WCO- AEO (Authorized Enterprise Operator) requirements. As the cargo screening program globalizes leading into 2013, working with TydenBrooks as a single source supplier can be very efficient and cost effective.

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About TydenBrooks: TydenBrooks was formed in November 2009 by combining two leadership brands (TydenBrammall and E.J.Brooks Company). The company's innovative products have been used by a diverse number of industries for over 136 years to safeguard assets. TydenBrooks provides security seals and locking devices to the transportation, retail, money handling, chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and food industries.

About Tyden Group Holding Corp.: Tyden Group companies have become leaders in their industries by serving customers around the world with innovative and customized security solutions and product identification technology. Through its three divisions, TydenBrooks Security Products Group (, Brooks Utility Products Group ( and Telesis Technologies ( ) the Company provides products that ensure greater security for the transportation of goods, protection of revenues and assets and increased efficiency throughout the global supply chain.


Jerry Carrino

TydenBrooks Security Products Group


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