VeriTainer Receives Notice of Granted Patent on Fundamental Crane-Mounted Scanning in Indonesia

Jul 28, 2010 (02:07 PM EDT)

FREMONT, Calif., July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Silicon Valley- based VeriTainer Corporation, the world leader in crane-mounted maritime security solutions, has received notice of granted patent from the Indonesian Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights for the fundamental crane-mounted scanning patent for Indonesia.

As an island nation, Indonesia relies heavily on maritime trade for economic stability, making it an influential entity in the maritime industry. This patent adds to an already impressive list of international patents obtained by VeriTainer, positioning the company as a dominating force in maritime nuclear detection technology.

"We are extremely pleased to have the fundamental CMS patent in a jurisdiction as important as Indonesia," said John Alioto, CEO of VeriTainer. "Along with Singapore, Taiwan and New Zealand, this marks the 4th international issuance of this patent VeriTainer has received.  Office actions from around the globe indicate that VeriTainer will have the fundamental CMS patent in a great number of other key geographies," Alioto continued.

Along with Indonesia, VeriTainer holds the fundamental CMS patent in Taiwan, New Zealand and Singapore. Two other key patents on VeriTainer's technology, the Company's 4th and 5th evolving out of VeriTainer's Oakland trials in 2007 and 2008, were issued in the United States earlier this year. Those patents have also been filed internationally.  Additionally, VeriTainer has several other unique innovations in its patent program pipeline.

"It has been a very strong 12 months for VeriTainer and our CMS technology," Alioto added.  "In addition to our numerous patent wins, we entered into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to optimize our CMS technology as we prepare to roll out globally."

About VeriTainer

VeriTainer Corporation is a venture-backed leader in crane-based radiation detection technology for scanning of shipping containers to ensure that the world's ports are free from nuclear terrorism. VeriTainer's patented technology enables scanning of 100 percent of shipping containers, addressing a principal vulnerability of the world's population centers and allowing for rapid scanning of containers entering and exiting ports without disrupting the flow of commerce.

SOURCE VeriTainer Corporation