Music Xray Automatically Matches Songs to Opportunities for Free

Jul 28, 2010 (03:07 PM EDT)

Announces the world's first & only enhanced A&R platform

NEW YORK, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Music Xray is a platform used by over 600 music industry professionals to receive song submissions from artists, acts, & rights holders. The company is announcing the launch of a new song to opportunity matching service called S2O that automatically pairs songs to opportunities.

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Artists simply upload their songs and wait to be alerted when appropriate opportunities for their songs are identifiedThe new service is completely free and marks the first time music analysis technology has been combined with other talent-identifying tools to form the world's first and only enhanced A&R platform.

In late 2009 Music Xray began enlisting top industry professionals to conduct their A&R activities via the site. Today, the platform is used by several major labels, dozens of independent labels, license agencies, radio stations, advertising agencies, music supervisors, managers, promoters and even influential music bloggers who take submissions from artists vying to have their music featured.

"It's a great way to conduct A&R," said Alex Torrez, head of Torrez Music Group in Nashville who previously held a position in the A&R department of Columbia Records and who now sources music for many of the top labels and artists. "It's easier, more organized and the quality of submissions is higher on Music Xray, making it more rewarding to evaluate acts and their music".

Music Xray does not track the deals that occur between artists and industry professionals but a "Success Stories" section of the company's website lists some of the deals of which the company has learned. Todd Gross, manager and father of emerging musician/performer Mary Sarah added, "Music Xray has enabled us to access some of the top people in the music industry more quickly and easily than would have been possible before. As a result, Mary Sarah is being looked at by several top companies and we're discussing several potential deals."

Artists sign up on the site to receive weekly "tip sheet" emails alerting them of the new submission opportunities that have been added to the listings over the previous week. Currently that email reaches nearly 100,000 artists and the number grows by several thousand each week. Additionally, Music Xray offers artists sleek song presentation packs (called Music Xrays) that enable artists to showcase their songs for free together with the song's lyrics, artist bio, a video, and even graphs that show how an artist is performing across all the social networks and Internet radio.

"Millions of songs are created and posted to the web each year. The music industry needs the ability to evaluate them for commercial purposes and to efficiently separate the wheat from the chaff," said Mike McCready, co-founder and CEO of the company. "Music Xray harnesses all the capabilities of the social web, music intelligence technologies, and collective expert knowledge to help the industry spot the hottest new talent and the best songs first. 

"In addition to doing deals with industry professionals, artists use Music Xray to get professional feedback on their music, advice and career coaching."

About Music Xray

Music Xray (Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc.) is the world's first and only enhanced A&R platform. Its an angel and venture-backed company co-founded by Mike McCready & Tracie Reed who pioneered Hit Song Science, the first commercial application of music analysis technology to predict the success of hit songs. The New York based company brings together into one platform best-of-breed technologies to help the industry efficiently receive, manage and provide feedback on song submissions, interact with artists and discover brand new music.

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