Yoogli Unveils Redesign of

Jul 27, 2010 (01:07 PM EDT)

Independent Music Artists Discovery Site

Compatible with Apple's iPad and Synchronizes with iTunes

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Yoogli, Inc., a software technology company with breakthroughs in semantic search technology announced today the release of its new indie artist discovery site at The iPad compatible music search engine discovery site includes automated playlists, blog, new artist recommendations, aggregate news feeds, wiki-generated artists' pages, and social networking capabilities all on one site! Yoogli Music seamlessly synchronizes with iTunes and Apple's iPad. The new music portal provides customized music recommendations based on indie artists and recently played music from the user's personal music profile. Yoogli Music allows users to find and create playlists that match their music library and music tastes on demand. Using patented personalization and search technologies, new artists and customized playlists are continuously recommended to the user from both independent musicians and indie music sites with a database of over 10,000,000 songs and 400,000 artists.

The indie music artist site has the ability to create custom playlists that match the user's mood and musical interests by using the Internet and the user's music library. This makes this indie music site unique because it uses a patented music search engine for indie artist discovery and the independent artist. Both independent bands and independent artists are able to promote their music through proprietary social networking technology used on the site which links directly to the music community on Facebook and MySpace.

"The entire process of personal playlist generation takes less than a few seconds and the new music playlist can easily be uploaded into the user's iPod," said Nick Ferrall, Yoogli Music's co-founder. "The site is an ideal vehicle for music lovers seeking new independent musicians and indie music sites. It has great insight into the particular types of music that the user is interested in at an exact moment in time.  Users can share their customized playlists with their friends as well as collaborate in building out artist profiles to help promote the music and bands they love. All of this allows to be a unique comprehensive music experience for all involved."

Yoogli Music is founded by recent graduates of UCLA and located in Newport Beach, Calif.

SOURCE Yoogli, Inc.