Give the Gift of 'Health' This Mother's Day With the Inside Out Workout

Apr 30, 2010 (03:04 PM EDT)

Food mood coaches suggest weekly video series and iPhone app as last-minute gifts that bring emotional and physical health

PHOENIX, April 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Successful personal coaches Tammy Kaatz and Daryl Ott have launched their new low-impact, high-reward "Inside Out Workout" just in time for Mother's Day. Perfect as a last-minute gift, the weekly online video series is easily purchased at the website (, which instantly delivers the first video to the recipient.

The Inside Out Workout teaches daily techniques to measure one's emotional and physical well-being, which leads to an increased awareness of one's own habits. Awareness is the first step toward understanding how actions influence moods. This step-by-step, practiced program is also supported by the "FoodWorkOut" iPhone application that lengthens the time it takes to eat meals with an entertaining game.

Specifically, the Inside Out Workout focuses on:

  • Paying attention to eating habits and eating less.
  • Losing weight and increasing energy.
  • Noticing stress.
  • Decreasing digestive issues.

"A healthy mom is a happy mom, and a happy mom makes for a happy home," said co-founder Tammy Kaatz. "But, it's not just about mom. The whole family can get involved in our simple, fun tasks that teach everyone to listen to what their bodies are saying."

"The Inside Out Workout requires no expensive memberships, wonder-foods or equipment; just you and your commitment to yourself," co-founder Daryl Ott said. "And, as much as I love roses for Mother's Day, they don't last as long as the feeling I get from changing my life to make happiness my habit."

The Inside Out Workout weekly video subscription costs $49.95 for a full year of weekly videos, while the FoodWorkOut iPhone application is a one-time fee of $4.99. Both can be found at An Inside Out Workout promotional video can be viewed at

About Tammy Kaatz and Daryl Ott

Tammy and Daryl, co-founders of the Inside Out Workout (, have earned several certifications or degrees in exercise, health, life-coaching and mentoring. In addition, they run several of their own companies spanning from personal training to corporate team-building. The Inside Out Workout team is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ.

Contact:  Daryl Ott 1-602-571 3371

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