'Intelligent' Approach Speeds Up Help When Catastrophe Strikes

Mar 05, 2010 (04:03 PM EST)

CeBIT 2010: TZS signs contract with SAP Living Lab

BERLIN, March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- At the municipal level, new technologies offer real promise for professional crisis management. Too often, first responders, including police, fire and medical personnel, are not effectively coordinated with hospitals and other emergency facilities. Communication is too slow, impeding the effectiveness of an emergency response. TZS, a member of AGT International and an expert in the field of urban management, contributes its cutting-edge technology and global experience with integrated communication solutions in cooperation with SAP's "Future Public Security Center." Mati Kochavi, CEO, AGT International and Vishal Sikka, Chief Technology Officer, SAP AG, signed the agreement at CeBIT.

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For several years now, technology companies have been researching the possibilities for new models of urban management and responses to urban crises. Urban management is the keyword that sums up this field of research. Today, it still takes far too long to efficiently and adequately react to large-scale events in an urban setting. Cell phones and e-mails still dominate communication with limited or no access to critical data despite the known advantages of software-optimized information and communication systems.

The signing of the contract between TZS and SAP regarding the cooperation in the Living Lab "Future Public Security Center" lays the foundation for the continuous extension of research in the field of urban management. Mati Kochavi, CEO of AGT International and Vishal Sikka, Chief Technology Officer of SAP, signed the contract last Tuesday in Hannover, Germany, at CeBIT, the world's largest computer trade expo.

"The co-innovation model of SAP Research via Living Labs allows partners and customers to discuss with us innovations in context," states Sikka. "We welcome TZS as a strategic partner of our Living Lab in Darmstadt to explore new ways to support cities and agencies managing their critical infrastructures." And Kochavi adds: "The research and thinking that will take place through the work of our affiliate, TZS, and our new partner, SAP, marks an important opportunity for solutions that the world needs. Today's announcement and our plan for moving forward represent a significant advance towards opening a new and dynamic frontier in the field of public safety and urban management."

TZS, an enterprise founded in autumn 2009 and a member of AGT International, is an expert in the field of urban management. TZS specializes in the compilation, analysis and application of information employing state-of-the-art technology for its use in real time. The TZS "Urban Safety and Security System" provides a management system for public safety and management. The system enables urban managers to react in real time to emergencies through better preparation and understanding of crises before they occur. TZS' technology includes realistic simulation models designed by leading experts to depict diverse scenarios requiring the planned allocation of resources necessary to respond quickly and efficiently to an emergency. For example, TZS' models reflect actual conditions and create real plans for the deployment of resources that are available to urban authorities – from controlling access to certain automotive and mass transit routes to the location of medical resources and available emergency personnel.

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