StratoComm/Evergreen JV Launches Wireless Broadband Network

Mar 02, 2010 (04:03 PM EST)

ALBANY, N.Y., EATONTOWN, N.J. and DOUALA, Cameroon, March 2 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- StratoComm Corporation (STCO) and Evergreen ISP Platforms jointly announce the launch of wireless telecommunications services to the City of Douala, Cameroon.


"StratoComm's proprietary telecommunications payload is fully operational and Evergreen's network engineers are systematically connecting services to its growing subscriber base," states StratoComm CEO, Roger D. Shearer. Shearer continues, "In addition to subscriber services Evergreen will establish several communications centers throughout Douala that will enable local residents to access reliable broadband and voice services within their neighborhoods. Evergreen will also support creation of computer labs in local schools and universities by donation of low cost PC's that are available through StratoComm's humanitarian programs."

"Following completion of confirming network engineering evaluation Evergreen's initial commercial telecommunications services were turned on March 1, 2010.  Charter subscribers include the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Douala, local hotels and the Port of Douala," states Evergreen's Director General,  Mr. William Tallah.  Mr. Tallah continued, "Over the coming weeks Evergreen's engineers and technicians will systematically deliver voice and Internet connection to its broader customer base throughout Douala.  Expansion of the Evergreen wireless network is easily accomplished as its modular design supports efficient connection and increased capacity in response to its growing subscriber base. The Douala network constitutes the first building block for Evergreen's expansion to other cities in Cameroon in the coming months."  

"The StratoComm engineering team has once again demonstrated its knowledge and commitment to excellence. Working directly with Evergreen's technical team in Douala has shown them to also be a most professional and committed group," stated Mr. Robert Phillips, StratoComm's Vice President and COO. "Through application of StratoComm's proprietary technology and its commitment to developing countries we are now witnessing the beginning of bridging the digital divide."

During the coming weeks Mr. Tallah will travel to StratoComm's Eatontown, New Jersey facilities for strategic discussions pertaining to Evergreen's build out of its network operations to additional Cameroonian cities, ongoing subscriber acquisition programs, financing of previously contracted StratoComm Transitional Telecommunications Systems and introduction of StratoComm's health and education humanitarian programs to Cameroon.

StratoComm Corporation is a developer and provider of telecommunications infrastructure technologies with a specific focus to the delivery of ubiquitous and cost sensitive communication services to the developing world. The company is further committed to the allocation of a portion of each system's service capacity for the provision of low cost/no cost social and economic outreach programs.

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SOURCE StratoComm Corporation