Snackable Media Shares Best Practices With Mobile Users

Feb 04, 2010 (03:02 PM EST)

Industry-Leading Digital Content Provider Snackable Media Educates Consumers about a Safe and Secure Mobile Experience

NEW YORK, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Snackable Media, a leading provider of digital content and mobile communities, is serving as a top industry advocate for setting standards that protect consumers' rights and interests. Alongside major U.S. carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, Snackable Media holds a prominent position on the Consumer Best Practices Committee. This committee was formed by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), a global organization representing more than 40 countries. Recently, Snackable Media also joined the MMA's Privacy Task Force to further prevent the proliferation of unsolicited communications.

In a concerted effort to share insights gained from being in the forefront of the mobile ecosystem, Snackable Media is now reaching out directly to consumers. Offering education about what users should look for in their mobile shopping experiences, the company presents its own best practices and high customer satisfaction rate as a case study to help raise standards across the industry.

"Mobile communities must provide their members a genuine sense of security," says Itai Kathein, President of Snackable Media. "As we continue to expand our business, we remain mindful that growth in this industry is sustainable only when customer satisfaction is a top priority."

Mr. Kathein advises consumers to sign up only with mobile content providers that adhere to the best practices recommended by the MMA:

  • Pricing disclosures – Snackable Media clearly displays cost of service, frequency of billing and length of subscription on all sign-up materials so that consumers understand the terms and conditions before agreeing to register for its services. If any other charges may apply, this is clearly stated as well.
  • Easy access to customer service – Snackable Media prominently displays toll-free customer service numbers on all product Web sites, marketing materials and mobile registration messaging. Customers can text HELP to its product short codes and receive a prompt reply containing this information. Customer service lines are answered by dedicated agents 24 hours a day, year-round with industry leading call abandoned rates under 0.5%.
  • Opt-in process – Snackable Media uses a double opt-in procedure that ensures clear acceptance of terms for its premium subscription services. After customers sign up, they are sent a message that restates the terms of membership, including contact details, program description and opt-out information. A customer must confirm either online or via text message before the registration is complete.
  • Timely process of cancellation requests – Snackable Media's customer service personnel have an excellent history of customer satisfaction. Each call is handled by a live customer service representative answering all product questions and handling cancellations and occasional refund requests in an expedient manner. Premium mobile customers can even cancel service simply by texting STOP to the applicable product short code.
  • Low complaint levels – Consumers should be wary if an inordinately high number of complaints have been logged against a company. Snackable Media has maintained extremely low customer complaint levels due largely to the quality of its products, the clarity of its initial disclosures and the professional manner exhibited by its customer service team.

"We ask other companies to follow our lead," Mr. Kathein added. "Setting higher standards for mobile marketing leads to well informed consumers and a better experience in the marketplace for everyone."

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Snackable Media is a fast-growing digital content provider. The company has developed a suite of innovative, subscription-based products designed to engage today's consumer. One of Snackable Media's most popular products, Predicto Mobile, has been named the largest premium mobile community by Nielsen Mobile. Snackable Media's products do not require a long-term contract and are billed directly to customers' telephone bill. Visit for the latest company updates.

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