Cellufun Enters 2010 Ranked in Top Eight Mobile Websites

Feb 03, 2010 (04:02 PM EST)

Third Party Research Firm Concludes Cellufun Among Top Brands

NEW YORK, Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Heralded as the premier destination for social and gaming on the mobile web, a new study from mobile measurement firm Ground Truth, confirms that Cellufun (, the world's largest social and gaming community for mobile, is among the top eight most popular destinations on the mobile Web in the United States. Cellufun, the relative newcomer takes it place alongside established sites like MySpace, Facebook and Google.

Averaging more than 250 million monthly page views, Cellufun was positioned right behind search giant Yahoo in popularity in early January. The results from Ground Truth also confirm that an incredible 64 percent of total user page views on mobile are for social networking sites like Cellufun. Unlike many of the most popular sites listed by Ground Truth, Cellufun does no advertising to acquire customers.

"Today's announcement substantiates what our internal data has indicated for a long time," said Cellufun CEO Neil Edwards. "Cellufun is among the top destinations for users on the mobile web, and it is the premier destination for users seeking access to a social and gaming community."

The announcement by Ground Truth marks the first time a study has been conducted using collected data from carriers and other data providers to see the actual usage of mobile Internet users. Until now, rankings of mobile sites were largely compiled via surveys and analyst estimates.

"This data demonstrates the importance of actual, direct measures of the Mobile Internet," said CEO Sterling Wilson of Ground Truth. "Prior to the availability of Ground Truth data, it was impossible for publishers to accurately measure site traffic. Today, mobile publishers like Cellufun can validate their audience to advertisers and with weekly data, can quickly adjust strategies to increase site traffic and better compete in the market."

In the past, incorrect data has suggested that the mobile Web is dominated by the same brands popularized and frequented on personal computers-the Fixed Internet. The new report from Ground Truth, however, suggests that sites like Cellufun with very little presence and activity on the Fixed Internet are poised to dominate the mobile web as usage and activity continue to surge.

"As a web site primarily focused on the mobile space, only about 10 percent of our site traffic comes via personal computers," said Edwards.

In addition to accurately depicting the frontrunner destinations in the mobile space, Ground Truth's census-based methodology provides much needed data and information for advertisers, offering concrete metrics-based data about traffic, rankings and engagement. The new information indicates the majority of traffic to mobile sites is not coming from on deck carrier suggestions. Rather than following a link on suggested games presented by a mobile carrier, users are starting to actively seek out mobile destinations like Cellufun.

"What this new announcement says with regard to viral mobile users is indicative of what we are seeing reflected in Cellufun's traffic patterns," said Edwards. "Over the past few months we have seen a decrease in the traffic coming from carrier decks. One third of our traffic comes from mobile operator relationships and the other two thirds come from off deck virally through SMS."

With reports that mobile Web traffic has more than doubled in the past year, Cellufun is uniquely positioned to dominate social and mobile gaming in 2010. Cellufun is currently partnered with every major mobile carrier in Western Europe and North America.

About Cellufun

Cellufun is the world's largest mobile social gaming community where people meet, shop, and play social games. It is available on any phone with a data plan with no download required and can be accessed in 10 different languages. Cellufun partners with mobile operators and media companies such as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, AOL, and USA Today to deliver branded entertainment and custom-designed mobile marketing solutions. Cellufun garners over 200 million page views per month.

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