Covetrix Responds to Fast Approaching Regulatory Deadlines

May 27, 2008 (08:05 AM EDT)

DALLAS, May 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Covetrix Security Awareness training was just released in response to the top regulatory priority guidelines this year; the new IT Examiner Questionnaire and Identity Theft Red Flag Rules. Both mandate new levels of documentation, training and awareness throughout institutions. The FDIC's purpose behind these new guidances is for insured depository institutions to have security programs that ensure the confidentiality of customer information, anticipate and protect against security threats and unauthorized access or use of customer information, and ensure proper disposal of customer information.

Covetrix addresses the institutions' need to prepare their identity theft program documentation, as well as the training and awareness of employees and customers through its new approach to security awareness training. The fully customizable program allows you to upload your own content, implement Covetrix training videos, send emails, or publish Covetrix Comic Newsletters. Design your training courses to ensure your employees can identify, detect, and respond to identity theft attempts or have Covetrix staff create a custom course. Everything is handled online for easier administration and distribution to your employees and customers and easily accessible reports can be readily available to provide to your examiner. Not only will there be a better understanding and awareness of potential threats; you will also complete the new IT Questionnaire for Examiners and identity theft program requirements!

The industry leader in compliance initiatives, security audits, external penetration testing, and security awareness training, Covetrix surpasses standards with its security training; implementing our network security testing expertise into security awareness training, securing our customers from the inside out!

About Covetrix

Backed by organizations like the Texas Department of Banking, Covetrix provides the most comprehensive security testing on your organization's system, resources, and controls. Our testing procedures provide realistic data breach attempts; utilizing social engineering tactics, identifying real vulnerabilities, and testing information security defense systems. Combining web application testing with our client-side and network testing, we identify weaknesses in endpoint applications, deployed security solutions, and end-user security knowledge and training while replicating multistage attacks that could potentially spread from your web applications and web servers to network and end-user systems.

Dedicated to the requirements of financial institutions, government agencies, health care arenas, and corporate organizations across the US for over 10 years, Covetrix fills the security gaps left by the competition and provides a lifelong partnership with its customers to address all their network security requirements and concerns. Additional information available at .

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