Free Mobile Content Publishing Tool Released by Mippin

Apr 03, 2008 (08:04 AM EDT)

LONDON, April 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Refresh Mobile the company behind leading mobile portal Mippin announces today the launch of Mippin Maker: an entirely free service that creates a perfectly rendered mobile edition of the publisher's website and allows the publisher to generate revenue from mobile immediately.

The days of a publisher having to pay for the development of a mobile site, or develop an entirely new feed for mobile are gone. Mippin Maker offers publishers the ability to quickly and easily create a fantastic looking mobile site entirely within its own branding guidelines with all the promotional and revenue making potential of existing internet websites.

It takes just 15 minutes to walk through a simple and straightforward four step process: mobilise, customise, publicise and monetise. This creates mobile optimised content, allows complete customisation, and delivers a range of advertising options, with free marketing support tools.

Content owners of all sizes can now capitalise on the rapid growth of internet usage on mobile phones. Mippin Maker allows large brands and advertisers to reach out and to extend their audience. It also allows independent publishers to create a professional looking product. There are 120m blogs worldwide and all of them are candidates for using the Mippin Maker.

Shiny Media, the largest UK blogging network, uses the Mippin Maker as the default platform for mobilising all of its sites. These include Tech Digest, Catwalk Queen, TV Scoop, Shiny Shiny and Who Ate All The Pies. Kathryn Stewart of Shiny Media said "the Mippin Maker is very easy to use and is an extremely effective way of extending our reach into people's increasingly active and mobile lives."

Matt Bertram of independent music magazine site Poolparty said "using Mippin has allowed us to extend our reach into mobile, allowing anyone to reach us wherever they are. The user experience is the best we have seen to date in this space."

Andrew Nicholls of Dennis Publishing said "we are excited by the potential of our titles using Mippin. Sites are extremely simple to set up and the possibility to use existing feeds makes the life of a publisher much easier. We love the attention to detail in the user experience."

Scott Beaumont, Refresh Mobile Co-Founder says, "Mippin Maker has been designed to empower the publisher to reach out directly to their readers. It has been built to allow the publisher to set-up, at no cost nor effort, a perfectly tailored mobile experience which can begin to pay its own way from the very first moment. We are excited by the possibilities and believe that this represents a step change for how people can reach a global mobile audience- both the established brands that we all know but also an increasingly high quality long tail of content."

CONTACT: Contact: Refresh Mobile, Mippin Global Headquarters, Scott info@mippin.comBeaumont on +44(0)7950396209 or Justin Baker + 44(0)7958487842, E:.