eWorld Companies, Inc. Announces Strategic Alliance With Dealer Dolls to Provide Promotional Activities and Content for Boomerang Media Station(R) and PlayTV(R)

Jan 07, 2008 (08:01 AM EST)

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- eWorld Companies, Inc. announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary eWorld Entertainment, Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with Dealer Dolls and its founders, Jodi Screpnek and Melissa Pollard, to provide promotional activities for eWorld events and to assist in the creation of original content for eWorld's Boomerang Media Station and PlayTV online broadcasting network.

Dealer Dolls is a Los Angeles based company that provides event consultation services including their signature Poker Service, through which they provide a staff of beautiful and professionally trained poker dealers as well as bartenders, cocktail waitresses, tables, supplies, and equipment -- everything needed to add fun and spice to corporate events and private parties. Dealer Doll's resume already includes the feature film "Ocean's 13", the TV series "I Bet You", and an upcoming episode of "CSI New York", and they have been featured in articles in "Poker Pro" magazine", "The World Series of Poker", and "World Poker Tour". Dealer Dolls has quickly established a foothold throughout Hollywood's music and entertainment industry, and Dealer Dolls have personally dealt hands to poker super stars and entertainment celebrities including Chris "Jessus" Ferguson, Phil Gordon, Johnny Chan, Mike Sexton, Sylvester Stallone, Samuel Jackson, Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle, Michael Vartan, Jimmy Eat World and others.


eWorld Companies, Inc. is an online marketing & advertising technologies company that develops and markets cutting edge technologies using rich media, flash, animation and 3D graphics to help individuals and businesses market and advertise on the Internet. eWorld's distinctive online marketing and advertising abilities, coupled with their patent-pending and proprietary technologies, place eWorld in the forefront of what many industry insiders are calling the most exciting evolution in entertainment since the invention of television. The Company's patent-pending Boomerang Media System is a free software download that functions as "Guide to the Internet," providing immediate access to the Internet's hottest entertainment and gaming sites and displaying movies, music videos and other streaming content in state-of-the-art "near High Def" resolution. The Company also boasts its own content-production network called "PlayTV", has already secured agreements with a wide range of strategic partners and content providers, and plans to launch a 24-hour broadcast network over the Boomerang in early 2008. According to CEO and President Henning Morales, "eWorld's goal is nothing less than to become the 'HBO and the MTV of the Internet.'" eWorld's revenue model consists of six components: (1) advertising revenues; (2) affiliation fees; (3) affiliate monthly subscriptions; (4) product sales; (5) technology licensing; and (6) international marketing licensing fees.

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