Environmental Policy and Technology Thought Leaders to Hold Roundtable Discussion on Environmental Benefits of Broadband

Oct 29, 2007 (12:10 PM EDT)

WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Environmental policy and technology thought leaders will engage in a roundtable discussion of the environmental benefits that can result from the use of information and communications technology - including broadband and consumer electronics - on October 31 at noon at the National Press Club.

Panelists will examine two promising studies by the American Consumer Institute (ACI) and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA(R)). Both suggest that things like telecommuting and e-commerce can result in significant reductions in the use of electricity and the production of greenhouse gases. ACI's study, Broadband Services: Economic and Environmental Benefits, found that wide adoption and use of broadband applications might achieve a net reduction of 1 billion tons of greenhouse gas over 10 years. CEA's report on The Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impact of Telecommuting and e-Commerce, found that using electronics to telecommute might save the equivalent of 9 to 14 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

The roundtable will be the first event to publicly discuss such approaches to the issue of climate change and energy use, which are not normally part of the national dialogue about the topic.

Roundtable discussion on environmental benefits of broadband & consumer electronics

First Amendment Lounge

529 14th St. NW, 13th Floor

Washington, DC 20045

The American Consumer Institute is an independent consumer organization devoted to improving the lives of American consumers by providing information on important issues that affect them.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is the preeminent trade association promoting growth in the $148 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry. More than 2,200 companies enjoy the benefits of CEA membership. CEA also sponsors and manages the International CES - Where Entertainment, Technology and Business Converge.

CONTACT: Hillary Maxwell, +1-202-572-6205, for the American ConsumerInstitute; or Kristina Taylor of the Consumer Electronics Association,+1-703-907-4326