Help for Smokers Seeking Out a Quit Smoking Laser Therapy Clinic in Their Area

Jun 27, 2007 (08:06 AM EDT)

LOS ANGELES, June 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The marketing division of Freedom Laser Therapy launched a comprehensive new section of its website to identify all the quit smoking laser therapy clinics around the world. Freedom's website - is now a resource for smokers to locate a quit smoking laser therapy practitioner in their region. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Freedom Laser Therapy has conducted a smoking cessation clinical research trial for approximately four years. On a daily basis, Freedom Laser Therapy receives phone calls and emails from smokers requesting help to locate a quit smoking laser therapy clinic. And now Freedom Laser Therapy's online directory can assist smokers in finding a laser therapy clinic in their area.

Freedom is aware that there are many clinics operated by business owners that may not have the significant advertising expertise or the capital necessary to effectively market their quit smoking laser therapy clinical research trial. Russ Mansfield, Vice President of Operations, states, "The cost of advertising a patient funded laser therapy clinical research trial is absorbanent. The majority of the laser therapy clinics cannot afford to advertise the trial to the general public. For the most part, the American public is unaware that there is even a laser therapy option for them to use to quit smoking."

The low-level laser therapy trials for smoking cessation took a serious blow June 22, 2006, when a public-interest watchdog organization, Public Citizen, launched a petition against the advertising practices of the laser therapy industry in regard to smoking cessation. Freedom Laser Therapy was one of the five companies noted in the petition for their advertising methods.

Immediately following the release of the petition, Freedom Laser Therapy took action to correct any incompliance issues deemed necessary by FDA guidelines. Freedom Laser Therapy is now operating in full compliance of the FDA guidelines.

As a result, the negative media coverage plagued many nationwide clinics in their ability to generate the essential revenue necessary to continue funding the quit smoking clinical research trials. The media onslaught which followed the petition, insinuated that laser therapy for smoking cessation was not effective to help people quit smoking. When in reality, the original petition was focused on the recruitment methods and advertising materials laser therapy centers were using to attract smokers to their clinics.

The media controversy potentially discouraged thousands of smokers nationwide from not enrolling in the clinical research trials, who may have quit smoking from the laser therapy program. Ultimately these events reduced patient recruitment at many nationwide laser therapy clinics. Some clinics were so heavily affected it caused them to go out of business.

Freedom Laser Therapy's President, Craig Nabat says, "Presently, Freedom has one of the most dominant website presences in the low-level laser therapy industry. Now worldwide laser therapy clinics should have less difficulty informing the public the quit smoking procedure is available. We know it has been challenging for practitioners to market this alternative quit smoking procedure. Freedom is using our strong website positioning to let smokers

know a quit smoking laser therapy clinical research trial may be available for them in their area."

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