PengPod Launches Funding Campaign For PengPod 1040, Triple Booting Tablet With Ubuntu Touch

Sep 27, 2013 (01:09 PM EDT)

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- There is some very exciting news coming out of Florida today! PengPod, the company who brought the first commercial dual booting tablet has done it again with the PengPod1040. The PengPod1040 can now TRIPLE boot. This powerful 9.7" ultra high resolution tablet can run Android, GNU/Linux and now UBUNTU TOUCH. Ubuntu touch is made so one can have the same friendly Ubuntu experience, but is touch friendly which has the ability to navigate the Ubuntu desktop without having to use a mouse and keyboard.

This unique product will transform the PC and Tablet world by merging both elegantly together to fit any lifestyle. Use the high-powered quad-core processor to play a favorite Android game or watch a favorite movie on PengPod's brilliant Hi-Def screen. After playing the game and wanting to get back to work, just switch over to Linaro OS (Ubuntu arm) or Ubuntu Touch. Now the capability to do anything work-related that would need a PC is right on the tablet like creating excel sheets, presentations, etc. The consumer can now have the best of both worlds thanks to the PengPod.

Why choose an open source tablet? Because this device is free from restrictions it lends itself to a world of possibilities. On top of being on the lower end in price, open source is completely customizable. The consumer can tweak the software to do exactly what they want it to do. Run all the office programs or even set it up as a POS amongst several other commercial uses. The possibilities are endless with the Pengpod 1040, the only limitations are those of the mind. Own Your Device!

There is a twist though, this tablet will not go into production unless the PengPod 1040 Crowdfunder is met on Indiegogo. Once the goal is met, the funds are released to the company. The quicker the goal is met, the quicker they can start the full production run on the PengPod 1040, which means the consumer will be able to get their hands on one sooner.

The Crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo is $349,000, with the tablets starting at $249.  There is an Early Bird special for the first hundred customers, the PengPod 1040 is just $220.

Why Crowdfunding? PengPod wants to be able to offer PengPod 1040 Tablet with the best software possible, at the best price possible and produce a quality product with an experienced, open source friendly contract manufacturer. To meet the hardware goals and guarantee quality, the need is volume. Furthermore, this is the second time to market for this company and they are now familiar with the demands of delivering the perks. Open software is the lifeblood of the PengPod and what makes it so versatile. There are many exciting, evolving touch based Linux platforms they would like to offer with the PengPod. Each of these will require time and effort, and with funding, will be able to make more of these available.