Letters To The Editor

Mar 23, 2003 (07:03 PM EST)

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High Price Of Outsourcing
How shortsighted of our government officials ("Foreign Policy," March 17, p. 20). When we have no jobs left here in America, we'll pay a much bigger price. In America, we have labor laws and benefits that employers have to pay, but in India we have no control over labor conditions.

Congratulations to Gale Brewster for trying to give New York the boost it needs in these difficult times.
Patricia Rohe
Co-Owner, Custom Staffing, New York

Yes To Insurance Breaks
I support Stephanie Stahl's idea of giving insurance breaks to doctors, hospitals, and other medical facilities that install technologies to prevent mistakes and improve care ("IT Can Help Make Health Care Safer," March 10, p. 8). This would be the greatest help to the small group, solo rural practitioner, or rural hospital that cannot afford the up-front investment because of rising costs and decreased reimbursement.
Paul Kleeberg
Medical Director, Dot Com Services, Allina Hospitals & Clinics

Keep It Cool
The best way to address the cooling problem is not to generate excess heat to begin with ("Concerns Heat Up Over Keeping Blades Cool," March 10, p. 28).

Since heat is an indication of energy waste, an engineering case could be made that excess heat generated in laptops could also reduce the amount of working time from the batteries.

I've had good results with a free CPU-cooler program called RAIN. The program has been updated and works with laptops, desktops, and towers.
John Lucas

In "Beyond Cost-Cutting" (March 17, p. 22), Guardian Life Insurance Co. of America awarded Patni Computer Systems Ltd. a $35 million contract to provide offshore support for application development and software maintenance.