Informatica Unveils Health-Care Package

Jun 25, 2002 (08:06 PM EDT)

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Health-care-industry IT managers are rushing to implement transaction standards mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This week, Informatica Corp. unveiled data integration and transformation software designed to make that task a little easier.

Many health-care organizations, hospitals, and insurance companies use proprietary EDI technology to communicate and process transactions such as insurance claims. But HIPAA mandates the use of standard data sets and codes for communicating such transactions. While the deadline for implementing those standards is ostensibly October, many--if not most--health-care companies are expected to request a one-year extension from the Health and Human Services Department, industry observers say.

The Informatica Solution for Healthcare will act as a hub between companies' transaction systems, transforming data from proprietary formats generated by legacy IT systems into HIPAA-compliant formats for transmission. The system collects data in an operational data store for transformation and in a data warehouse for analysis.

The Informatica package includes the vendor's recently unveiled PowerCenterRT real-time data transformation and integration platform, the PowerCenter Distributed Option software for integration with remote systems, and new HIPAA business components. The components, key to the package, provide syntactic and semantic data transformation capabilities, including filters, lookups, metadata definitions, and data aggregations. The system, for example, transforms the 55 ethnicity codes used by health-care providers in California into HIPAA's 15 codes. The package will also include the Informatica Analytics Server for data analysis.

Components of the health-care package are available now, and the complete system will be available in the third quarter. Pricing will start at $300,000.