IP Switch Vendor Gains VC Momentum

Aug 25, 2002 (08:08 PM EDT)

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IP services switch vendor Inkra Networks this week will close a $30.1 million funding round, its second, bringing its total funding to date to $66.6 million.

In April, Inkra started selling two switches, Virtual Services Switches 4000 and 1500. They use Inkra's hardware-based HardWall resource-management technology and software to let companies and service providers implement IP services such as firewalls, virtual private networks, Web acceleration, load balancing, and Secure Sockets Layer security.

The 1500 VSS, beginning at $25,000 and geared for business networks, and the 4000 VSS, starting at $100,000 and aimed at service providers, employ a concept Inkra calls virtualized IP services to include those functions and many others in a single device, along with automated management and defined service levels, says Sanjay Dhawan, Inkra's president, CEO, and co-founder. Virtualization, or combining support for many different services in one switch, cuts the cost of bringing Web applications online, because customers don't need to fill equipment racks with multiple devices each dedicated to a specific service, he says.

Inkra plans to use the funds to bulk up its sales, support, and business operations as it begins volume production, and to enhance its products.