TSA Enlists Help For Hazmat Credentialing

Feb 24, 2005 (01:02 PM EST)

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The Transportation Security Administration's programs to improve the credentialing process for transporters of hazardous materials got a boost Tuesday when the Homeland Security Department signed Computer Sciences Corp. to a contract worth up to $16 million over the next four years.

Under the contract, CSC will provide personnel to help the TSA Office of Transportation Vetting and Credentialing run applications through its Screening Gateway and Document Management systems. The Screening Gateway system takes data from applicants seeking credentials to transport hazardous materials, entry into the Registered Traveler program, or approval for a Transportation Workers Identification Credential and checks that data against databases containing criminal and terrorist watch-list data. Any information these systems have on an applicant is returned to the Gateway system, where it's aggregated and presented to TSA personnel for their review and action.

The Document Management System is the companion system to the Screening Gateway and helps notify individuals of the results of their security-threat assessment and processes any appeals or waivers that might be submitted by the individuals. CSC and subcontractor Trinity Technology Group Inc. will provide about 40 security adjudication professionals to offer support services, primarily in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

The Office of Transportation Vetting and Credentialing established the Screening Gateway as a common IT infrastructure for various programs that provide the threat assessments called for in post-9/11 legislation, including the USA Patriot Act, the Safe Explosives Act, the Maritime Transportation Security Act, and the Aviation Transportation Security Act.